Uganda’s security situation stable— Aronda

The security situation in the country is stable despite reported cases of armed robberies, house break-ins, homicide and violent extremism.


The Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Aronda Nyakairima, has said that criminal violence is a serious threat to security and stability in Uganda and the East African region and has over the decades, increasingly become the biggest threat to security and stability not only in Uganda and the region, but, the whole world.

“Whereas it is true that there have been a number of high profile murders, Parliament will note that, since December 2014, incidents of criminal violence are on a downward trend,” said Gen. Aronda, adding, “It is however critical that we intensify efforts to hunt down the killers.”

The statement followed a demand by Members of Parliament for an explanation about the recent killings targeting Muslim clerics.

“In spite of the recent killings, Uganda is in peace and there is security. Criminal violence, in particular, and crime in general is on the decline,” said Gen. Nyakairima.” It would therefore not be correct to conclude from the recent incidents that the situation is getting out of hand.”

Members asked government to properly facilitate and motivate crime preventers so that they do not easily engage in criminal activity.

They also said there was need to regulate persons entering the country through the various border or entry points.

“People living in our borders should be protected against refugees, some of whom enter with guns,” said Hon. Jesca Ababiku (Ind., Adjumani)

“Uganda is the easiest country to enter; and everyone has their passports stamped at the airport. We cannot ensure security without securing our borders,” said Hon. Tim Lwanga (NRM, Kyamuswa).

Minister Nyakairima said the Police, security organisations and law enforcement agencies have put in place measures intended at both prevention of crime and effectively hunting down criminals so as to consolidate and deepen gains in the fight against crime in the country.

He said security agencies had foiled numerous attempts by Al-Shabaab to launch armed attacks or bombings in Uganda, including one in September 2014.

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