Angela Nabuufu

Angela Nabuufu is an upcoming UK based Ugandan female singer and she is well known by her stage name; Ang3lina.


Angela Nabuufu
Angela Nabuufu

The new UK singing Queen is currently a student at the University of London; she was born and raised in the UK.

She is a talented young musician who has been exposed to music from a very young age.

She is an independent song writer; she started singing at the age of seven.

She taught herself how to play the piano, and now plays both the piano and guitar at an exceptional level.

Her first single Sigwa Kukoma was released in September and instantly became a club hit in the UK.


 Sigwa Kukoma is a love song expressing; “this love I have for you is never ending” sung in Luganda, Swahili and English. It was produced by Paddy man.

The UK sensation recently collaborated with Uganda’s Dancehall singer Coco Finger and they have a new song titled Hands in the Air.

The video was shot last week when Coco was in London for a show in East London called Head 2 Head.

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