UOC President Rukare  Elected  Vice-President On  Commonwealth Games Federation

UOC President Donald Rukare

By Emma Amooti
UOC President Donald Rukare

Uganda Olympic committee president Dr. Donald Rukare was elected as one of the Vice-Presidents on the  Commonwealth Games Federation executive board.
Rukare, the president of Uganda olympic committee (UOC) was voted to serve on the holy grail committee of the Commonwealth games federation executive board on Wednesday, November 15th 2023 in Singapore.
Dr Rukare garned  52 votes  coming  second to Sandra Osborne of Barbados who garned 66 votes  while  in third place was Hugh Graham of Cook Island with 37 votes, all of them being declared Vice presidents on the Executive beating Ian Reid of Scotland who got 33 votes,  Richard Powers of Canada with 21 votes  and last Dr PT Usha from India who got 13 votes all to miss out on the to executive board position.
“It is a big honour to be voted on the CGF Executive. This is not a personal victory alone but a victory for Uganda,”  said Rukare.
“I thank those who voted for me and those who did not. I thank the African countries that voted for me. In a special way, I thank my people from Uganda for the prayers, the sports family and the media,” he added.
Other results; Botswana Col Botsang Tshrnyego  sailed through unopposed with 18 votes for the Regional Vice president (Africa) and Mozambique’s Penalva Cezar was unopposed also with 18 votes as regional member of sports committee.
Chris Jenkins OBE of Wales  is the new president of the Commonwealth games federation with his victory comes after a landslide victory, trouncing Kereyn Smith of NewZealand during the federation’s elective assembly in Singapore on Wednesday, November 15th 2023.
In fact, it was a no-contest affair as his closest challenger, Kereyn Smith of New Zealand  tallied 10 votes   leaving Chris Jenkins of Wales  who garnered a massive 64 votes with winning the President seat.
It should be noted that  Donald Rukare joins a select group of leaders tasked with shaping the future of the Commonwealth Games. His election reflects not only personal recognition but also stands as a testament to Uganda’s growing influence in the international sports arena.
Meanwhile, Rukare, a known sports  administrator has served in various capacities, Chairman National council of Sports, Uganda swimming federation president, General secretary Uganda Olympic committee and CANA bureau as vice-president of the CANA Zone 3, his commitment to fostering a culture of excellence in sports administration has been a driving force in the development of athletics in Uganda.

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