UPDF Captures Alshabaab Headquarters

Battle-hardened Ugandan Troops in Somalia

Battle-hardened Ugandan Troops in Somalia
Battle-hardened Ugandan Troops in Somalia

The Ugandan contingent under the African Union Mission in Somalia-AMISOM has captured the headquarters of Alshabaab militias. The UPDF soldiers overran Buur-hakba town on Wednesday.

The town located 64 kilometers southeast of Baidoa has reportedly been the headquarters of Alshabaab since they were dislodged from the Capital Mogadishu and Kismayu.

In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, AMISOM claims that the Alqaeda linked militias are now without a home after losing key strategic towns to UPDF soldiers who are advancing to Baidoa. Lt. Gen Andrew Guti, the AMISOM force commander praised the UPDF and Somali forces for the capture of Buur-hakba.

He said the aim of the operation was to ensure free movement of people and goods from Buur-hakba to the capital Mogadishu.

Guti also said the capture of Alshabaab headquarters will now enable humanitarian agencies to offer relief aid to the people there. Maj. Henry Obbo, the spokesperson of the Ugandan Contingent says the fall of the town was made easier because of the support offered to AMISOM by residents.  He says AMISOM soldiers are currently moving to cover the 64 kilometer stretch to Baidoa were Alshabaab has moved.

There’s been no word on the number of casualties on both sides. Alshabaab has in recent weeks lost key strategic towns to UPDF and Somali forces.

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