UPDF Colonels Named In Kidnap Of Rwandan Asylum Seekers

Army Spokesman Lt. Col Paddy Ankunda.

Two Uganda People’s Defense Forces – UPDF have been named in the kidnapping or killing of Rwandan Asylum seekers.

The two, only identified as Lt. Col. Kankiriho and Lt. Col. Buryo, have been named by Christopher Busigo and Charles Sande as the people who have been helping them kidnap Rwandan citizens who seek asylum in Uganda.

Lt Joel Mutabazi (in checked shirt) plays soccer with his former boss President Paul Kagame.
Former bodyguard Lt Joel Mutabazi (in checked shirt) plays soccer with his former boss President Paul Kagame.

Busigo and Sande are former Rwanda Patriotic Army (RPA) soldiers who were arrested last week for alleged involvement in the kidnap of asylum seekers.

Following the disclosure, the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence  (CMI) started investigating the two officers. UPDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Paddy Ankunda confirmed the two officers were being investigated by CMI.

Ankunda however, declined to give details of the said investigations saying they needed more time to complete the work.

The two names of the officers came to light following police investigation of the kidnap and attempted murder of Pascal Munirakiza, a Rwandan student who fled to Ugandan over one month ago.

Munirakiza says he fled from the M23 rebel ranks in the DRC to Uganda and requested for asylum, but before his status could be determined, he was kidnapped from Kyaka refugee camp two weeks ago.

Munirakiza was beaten and burnt with a hot metal on the back and dumped in Lusaze cemetery, from where Police picked him and delivered him to the city mortuary only to discover he was still alive. According to police investigations his captors wanted to know why he had betrayed the Rwandan government.

He was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at Mulago Hospital where both Christopher Busigo and Charles Sande had gone to ensure he was dead. The two former RPA officers are still being held at Old Kampala police station while investigations into the case of attempted murder continue.

Other people that have recently been kidnapped include Innocent Kaliisa who is still missing. Joel Mutabazi, a former body guard to President Paul Kagame, was also kidnapped by unknown people who rushed him to Entebbe Airport to be deported to Rwanda on a forged Interpol arrest warrant. He was rescued after government intervened and is now in the hands of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR.

There have been complaints that the Rwandan government through its embassy in Kampala is hunting down the asylum seekers. Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda, Major General Frank Mugambage, however, distanced himself from the kidnappings and murder of asylum seekers.

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8 thoughts on “UPDF Colonels Named In Kidnap Of Rwandan Asylum Seekers

  1. Investigations for what, it is an orchestrated move. Museveni is buying his peace from his former beleaguerants by allowing them unhindered access to their foes. Both men have no value for human life. All they think about is power, that why people should have no remorse when dictators die like rats the Gadaffi way.

  2. Rwandan High Commissioner to Uganda, Major General Frank Mugambage is so much involved in all this that is why he denies everything that is happen. i dislike the way he is handling governance issues

  3. Please just wait for the court’s ruling its as if every body say its real. There is drama in this alleged abdication and the truth will come out. You might find these are just young boys looking for chances to go to west through Uganda

    1. So do you want us to say Not real, we have people who have been involved, and they can give ink, killing some one who has refused to fight in unjust war? ,When UN says Rwanda is involved and the Kigali says no, gwe!!!!!!!! things are hard. Museveni is bad,but i think Kagame must be the worst of all, to the level of Amin.

  4. Guys, this is all Drama! Some individuals in Uganda police ie. one called Musinguzi who is the in-charge of refugee at Old Kampala Police station is on Rwandan embassy’s payroll. I have followed this case carefully. If Pascal went missing in Kyaka refugee camp on 3rd-08-2013, Did Kyaka camp commandant report at any police? And if YES! what did the police do or OPM directorate for refugees? Where are Joel Mutabazi’s kidnappers? It’s well known that when the 16 students from Rwanda arrived at Old Kampala Police Musinguzi was seen entering the Ambassadors diplomatic car and came out with a BIG smile. I suggest that Musinguzi, a Police officer in-charge of refugees at old Kampala Police station should also be included on the list.

  5. Musinguzi a Police officer in-charge of Refugees at Old Kampala Police is behind all this saga! He works closely with Rwandan embassy.

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