UPDF foils Al shabaab attack, kills terrorist commanders

African Union forces from Ugandan Contingent in Somalia have repulsed two deliberate attacks by the Al shabaab on the AU bases and exterminated two key Al shabaab commanders over the past few days.


The Uganda Contingent Public Information Officer in Somalia, Capt Flavia Terimulungi confirmed the development saying:

“Last week, Al shabaab conducted a night attack on our (UPDF) Battle group XVI position at Qoryooley located 120km South West of Mogadishu but we foiled the attack and inflicted on them heavy causalities.”

Capt Flavia Terimulungi added that among the causalities Al-shabaab suffered was the killing of a notorious commander called Mohammed Farwar who was not only the commander of the foiled attack but also a commander of a large portion of Lower Shebelle in Somalia, flagging from the general areas of Bujalow.

“In the second incident early this week, the same Ugandan battle group (XVI) precisely reacted to terrorist ambush in Marka and put out of action Al shabaab commander called Abdu Rahman Pakeli.” She said.

Captain Terimulungi pointed out that the elimination of Abdu Pakeli is a big achievement because he has been a key obstacle to peace in Marka.

“He was the head of Al shabaab Intelligence cells in Marka who were responsible for spreading terrorist propaganda messages and also the frequent grenade attacks on AU convoys, Somali Security forces, government officials, as well as on innocent civilians.” she said, adding that Abdu Rahman’s accomplice called Abdukadir Mohammed was also captured alive by the Ugandan forces.

“Recently the group spread propaganda messages that AMISOM forces had withdrawn from Marka when we had instead revamped our deployment.” She noted.

She also highlighted that on the first week on February, another Ugandan Battle group (XVII) destroyed Al shabaab base and exterminated all the 15 Al shabaab terrorists at the base in general areas of Buulo Marer, 125 km South West of Mogadishu. Capt Terimulungi said in all the operations, the UPDF did not incur losses.

The Ugandan Contingent commander in Somalia, Brig. Sam Okiding said:

“We have continued to give Al shabaab sleepless nights. In two months, we have not only foiled six of their major attempts on our forces (at Marka, Qoryooley and Buulo Marer) but also engaged them at their positions in the thickets and made life very unpredictable for them.

They are on their heels and we shall continue reducing on their numbers as we cut off their recruitment base.”

He added that “The Al shabaab should seriously consider abandoning terrorism and joining peace loving Somali in rebuilding their country.

Terrorists are a misguided lot who have deviated from true Islamic teachings and there is nothing they gain from their actions other than only destroying their own souls.”

AMISOM is committed in taking all measures, as appropriate, to carry out support for dialogue and reconciliation and supporting the Somali security Forces in the protection of all the people in Somalia as they rebuild the structures necessary for peace, security and development of Somalia.

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