UTL launches customized call package for Boda boda community

Uganda Telecom has unveiled a new call plan for Boda Boda riders around the country.

UTL uganda

The call plan was welcomed by the Boda boda Community during the launch held on Thursday 30th April 2015. Motorists in attendance received reflector jackets.

Speaking to the Boda Boda riders at the launch of the call plan, David Nsiyona, Sales Director & Arif Ameer Ag. Chief Commercial Officer at Uganda Telecom said the move is aimed at ensuring that UTL remains the most affordable Telecom Service and a proudly Ugandan brand in the country.

“With this package, a Boda Boda rider will be able to get a SIM card at only shs1000 and make calls within Uganda at incomparable and the most affordable rates.

We have created this package for the boda boda community because they are great contributors to our economy.

They make calls to their customers and within themselves on a regular basis just like any other business.

We are therefore offering the cheapest rates to this community in a bid to reduce on their operational costs and increase their savings.

In his acceptance speech on behalf of the fraternity, the Chairman of the Boda Boda Association- Mr. Kafeero Antanansi thanked Uganda Telecom for its innovation and the reflector jackets that were much needed for the safety and wellbeing of the riders.

“Uganda Telecom has blessed us with a special communication package that will indeed help us save much more on communication.

We all know that in this business, every penny counts.

Thank you very much for this gesture and continued support to our business, I hope this relationship only grows stronger and we look forward to a continued fruitful partnership,” Mr. Antanansi said.

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