UTL To Reward Whistleblowers

Uganda Telecom Limited has instituted a reward system for whistleblowers that provide leads to whoever is involved in theft, fraud, vandalism and tampering of its telephone equipment like poles, fibre cables, copper wires and cabinets.CALL

Mr. Shailendra, Uganda Telecom’s Chief Commercial Officer, in a recent statement said, “Uganda Telecom prides itself in an expansive network reaching every corner of the country, bringing internet, voice and data services to Ugandans everywhere.

Our success in providing the highest levels of service and customer care to our clients hinges on this extensive network. That is why we are asking the public to partner with us in fighting this crime.”

Mr. Shailendra, Uganda Telecom’s Chief Commercial Officer.
Mr. Shailendra, Uganda Telecom’s Chief Commercial Officer.

“We would like to keep you connected, which is why we are urging all our customers and fellow citizens to report any case of theft or vandalism of any telephone equipment or cables by calling our toll free hot line on 0800 160 000”.

All calls made to this hotline are free of charge and completely confidential. There is a Shs1, 000,000 reward for all good leads to the apprehension of cable thieves.

The Uganda Communications Commission recently set up a Computer Emergency Response Team to improve and secure communication services in response to the 2012 Police Crime and Traffic Report that showed that cybercrime was responsible for the loss of about Shs1.5 billion in the country

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