Van Data Re-Unites With The Girl Friend Through A Song

Van Data Re-Unites With The Girl Friend Through A Song

After the  serious breakup between the re-known Afro-Dancehall artist  Van Data and the Mzungu  Girlfriend at former Iguana Bar that we reported recently, Van Data choose to go back to studio and recently released a new hit single called “Njagala” Featuring a Swedish artist known as Siri from Happy Hands Band.

The latest reggae song is totally different from Van Data’s usual style with songs like China and Oli muyaye.


In the song, Van Data provokes the girlfriend that “once you dare go black then you never go back” while the chorus says “let me take you home to Africa”

“Let me show you home mama Africa” a song that will surely work mostly for those exporting and importing love.

He chose to do the video with Kampala life and it features Boda boda rides, eating street Rolex, market food and craft shops.

This is a new style and we have not seen other artists who have sang about Africa hit the National parks and other sceneries.


Van Data is yet releasing a new single known as “Kagwilawo” which he is pushing more on his social media with the video shoot pictures featuring Uganda’s top dancers Ruva Walter and Antonio Bukar.

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