Vendors welcome reopening of Ahabuyonza Market in Kabale amid partial COVID-19 lockdown lift

DPC Brian Ampeire flanked by district and sub-county leaders address a ‘scientific’ gathering of vendors leading up to the reopening of the market

Kabale – The Kabale District COVID -19 Task Force has re-opened Ahabuyonza Market in Kaharo Sub County; following its closure over the weekend for failing to comply with measures that were put in place to control the spread of coronavirus disease COVID-19.

The daily Market that accommodates hundreds of vendors from Kaharo Sub County and the neighbouring areas mostly vegetable dealers is found in Nyakahita village on top of Kabaraga hills along the Ntungamo-Kabale-Katuna Highway.

The market was closed by the District COVID -19 Task Force on Saturday for failing to implement the guidelines and presidential directives such as social distancing had no washing facilities and the vendors were not putting on masks.

The vendors later through the Kaharo sub-county National Resistance Movement-NRM chairperson George William Kanagizi requested the District COVID -19 Task Force to re-open them saying that they will adhere to the guidelines put in place to fight the pandemic.

On Tuesday afternoon, the District COVID -19 Task Force members led by the Kabale District Internal Security Officer Ronald Kasheija Byengyeru, the DPC Brian Ampeire and the sub-county leaders held a meeting with vendors at the market

They agreed that only 58 vendors should operate in the market and should maintain the guidelines of president Museveni and ministry of health aimed at fighting the spread of the pandemic.

Kasheija said that they have given the vendors Wednesday to organize themselves before the markets is reopened.

He said that they will continue carrying monitoring so that when they find vendors defying the directives, it will be closed until coronavirus is no more.

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