Veterans Protest Army’s Failure To Honor Amin Air Force Boss

Former Uganda president Idi Amin Dada.

Hundreds of former soldiers in Arua have protested the failure by the army to honor the late Lt. Colonel Cirlo Orombi, the former Air Force commander in the Iddi Amin and Apollo Milton Obote regimes.

Former Uganda president Idi Amin Dada.
Former Uganda president Idi Amin Dada.

Lt Col. Orombi died on Sunday last week and was laid to rest on Wednesday at his ancestral home in Abira Village in Oluko Sub County in Arua district.

Because of his rank, hundreds of former soldiers who turned up for the burial of Lt Colonel Orombi, expected the army to bid him farewell with a gun salute. But this didn’t happen. Abudalatif Tiyoa, the chairperson West Nile ex-combatants wonders why Orombi was not honored with a gun salute, which is a standard practice world over.

He wonders why Orombi was treated differently despite the fact that he also served under the current regime. Valentino Owiny, another former soldier, who was also a friend to the deceased accuses the army of becoming selective.

Major John Nyanzi, the 409 acting Brigade commander concurs with the former soldiers that the army should have honored Lt. Col Orombi but blames it on the lack of enough officers at his rank in the region.

Born on October 12, 1937, Orombi joined the then Uganda Army on September 11, 1968 under No. U0/0496. He fled into exile to Sudan in 1985 after the fall of the Obote 11 regime. He returned to Uganda in 1991 and was re-instated in the National Resistance Army (NRA). He is survived by 11 children and a widow.

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  1. The Army of Uganda in the first place has become the Army of Museveni.His Son controls one part and Salim sale also has an arm he controls.This is why Uganda has segregating Army with a big Command of President MUSEVENI.

  2. It is unfair to send this galant soldier off without a gun salute. The army leadership should apologise to us.

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