VIDEO; Reach A Hand Uganda, partners release GBV-themed song ‘Tekawo Enjawulo’

In efforts to create awareness of the fight against Gender-Based Violence, Reach A hand Uganda has released the video for a brand new song titled ‘Tekawo Enjawulo’ in conjunction with, Rose Charities, and TAG Studios under Talent Africa Group.


Music star Jackie Chandiru at the launch of the song Video yesterday

The song project is headlined by Spice Diana and Jackie Chandiru in collaboration with Shine Omukiga, Triggah, and Nansambu Sandra.

Singer Jackie Chandiru at the launch of the song video revealed that as girls and women we have the power and the authority to cause the change we want to see. Let’s do what we can to end Gender Based Violence.

Partners of Reach A hand Uganda having a picture moment with Humphrey Nabimanya (1st  from the left side) yesterday evening at the launch of  Tekawo Enjawulo song

The video of the song is not only touching but also with a beautiful message to end Gender-based violence and offers actions girls can take when they experience SGBV.

Shine Omukiga is also part of the Tekawo Enjawulo song project

Reach A hand Uganda headed by CEO and founder flamboyant  Humphrey Nabimanya has been active in the arts industry for years. From his days at NBS TV as a youth voice show presenter to date, Nabimanya has been a figure of inspiration and power for the girl child.

Nabimanya has often used his talent and influence to advocate for women’s rights and has always been available when there is a need for advocacy against any violation of women’s rights.

In the song, the singers showcase their vocal prowess as they relay their lyrics of a story about a girl going through the common vice of Gender-Based Violence.


In his speech, Nabimanya revealed that the new song is directed towards efforts to stop gender-based violence which has escalated in Uganda, raise awareness, and promote dialogue to help end the silence and indifference that surrounds sexual violence against girls.

“As RAHU, we realized that in order to approach young people, you need to speak the language they understand. We came up with the musical project, a program that is communicating & creating positive changes among young people through music. We are happy to work with Talent Africa, Rose Charities, and other partners to create this change’‘ Nabimanya revealed.

The video of the Tekawo Enjawulo presents the perspective of Ugandan youth on the issues they face. It was written by Jackie Chandiru, Allan Watikha, Bruce Dickson, and Kizito Tony and Produced by Melanin Boy. Samuel Lamara worked on the mixes and mastered it.

It should be well known that Sexual and gender-related violence against girls is a global epidemic recognized by WHO and UNICEF to require urgent action through innovative solutions. In much of Africa, more than half the women report being victimized in their lifetime, and in Uganda, one in three girls currently experience some form of sexual violence.

The video combines great entertainment with elements of health promotion and is available now.

Under Annual Crime Report from 2021, statistics show that a total of 17,533 domestic Violence and a total of 10,408 cases of threats were reported. 1,4486 cases of Rape were registered in 2021, and 14,570 defilement cases were reported where 14,226 victims were female and 344 male and this must stop.

Watch the Video of Tekawo Enjawulo here;

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