Vocalist’ Bernhard Fischer, the Music Genius Running Kingfisher Safari Resort

Vocalist Bernhard

With streaming down and the collapse of live shows, it’s been a difficult season for artists – but to Bernhard Fischer music has still offered succor.

He’s been marketed as a kind of rapper icon, a Musician, song writer and Businessman. He is all of them, yet the fact remains that Bernhard is, simply, one hell of a reggae singer.

In his voice, you’ll hear the sound of real love. You’ll hear someone celebrating. You’ll hear the cry for hope. You’ll hear the countryside, green and luxuriant. You’ll hear the packed dance-halls, sweaty and loud. All melodious life is in his work.

Bernhard with a Vixen During one of the Video Shoots

He has released songs like ‘Tugende Tuzine’, ‘Pineapple’, ‘Till You Love me’, he featured in the hip hop and afrobeat artist John Blaq’s ‘Nekwatako hit’ , all attracting massive views on YouTube and other entertainment platforms .

‘’Bernhard is one of the most versatile rappers in Uganda. He can rap slowly, fast, in ragga, change the flow all in one verse. He is also an exceptional writer going by his songs’’, revealed one of Bernhard’s fans.

His hit music has been given wide airplay among all Televisions and Radio Stations in the region , he has – massive power in his voice, like an Eastern soul man, but uses it sparingly, preferring to ensure that every word is understood and every song is given respect.

In 2019 ‘’Pineapple’’ topped the charts  and saw Bernhard sharing the stage with Eddy Kenzo at Transfrica in Jinja, earning him TV Interviews and consistent releasing of hits and recognition of  his talent by the local music industry has gives him indisputable space in the entertainment industry.

Bernhard’s appearance in John Blaq’s ‘Nekwatako’ and the tight closeness with other rappers in the country is propelling him to mainstream success.

These two artists, John Blaq and Bernhard have some kind of chemistry because the former has also been shooting some videos from the latter’s resort, Fascinating Kingfisher.

‘’Bernhard is super –talented with his own style, which makes him a real star and has gained a huge following with a lot of loyal fans ‘’, added another fan.

The reception to his music since his inception has been “amazing”.

Speaking to Red pepper on Monday, Bernhard said; “The fans have been holding me since day one, and there’s been growth. Seeing the industry change, the fans are always with me. All my latest releases have an amazing reception; the fans are still following up with me. That’s a blessing.”

Besides his Music Career, Bernhard is a successful businessman and an icon to many artists in Uganda who should not only look at Music as their Alpha and Omega.

He runs the charming Kingfisher Safaris Resort located in Njeru, a few kilometers from Jinja City, one of the renowned lucrative resorts along the Banks of River Nile.

Kingfisher Resort Hotel

Yes, Resort’s story will be for another day, but what you should not miss to learn now is that Benrhard’s wide experience in Music, Marketing and Management, has also fortified Kingfisher as one of Uganda’s must –visit Resorts.

‘’If you’re looking for an all-round Hotel, look no further than Kingfisher Resort Hotel. Given the close proximity of popular landmarks, such as Source of the River Nile, the three Touristic Bridges among other destinations ,guests of Kingfisher Resort Hotel can easily experience some of Uganda’s most well known attractions’’, revealed a Norwegian Tourist who spoke to Red pepper.

Kingfisher Resort Hotel

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