VP Alupo Delivers Government Motorcycles To Chairpersons in Teso Sub Region

In a bid to effectively monitor service delivery and bridge the gap between leaders and the locals, Government, through the Ministry of Local Government has given all LC 3 chairpersons from the ten (10) districts that make up Teso sub region brand new motorcycles.

Vice President Jessica Alupo presided over the function that took place at Soroti Mayors Gardens, with over 98% of the chairpersons present.

The Vice President expressed her gratitude to the leaders for continued execution of Government programs and rallied them to utilize the motorcycles to enhance services and double monitoring efforts since the capacity to execute the task had been availed.

She singled out education, health and the Parish Development Model (PDM) as rallying points that needed a lot of dedicated supervision so as to make a difference. “As leaders, we must make sure that no child misses school, no child is chased from school, because the policy of universal education is free for all. We must also ensure that all drugs reach intended recipients and as PDM is implemented, we must enforce its success as a rallying call to eradicate poverty”, she said.

Alupo made a critical call for leaders to understand where as Teso Sub region, they were coming from and where they needed to go.

She hailed government intervention in addressing previous challenges which included insecurity and lack of a public University, both of which had been addressed today. Government, she said, has made timely responses to these challenges. She cited the insecurity where people previously lived in IDP camps but Government had implemented a phased disarmament approach, which resulted into the region being safe again.

“I thank the President for returning peace to the region”, she said, further tasking leaders to be ambassadors of peace. “Our people must be re-assured that they can conduct their affairs in peace, cultivate their land as Government tackles all other issues especially on security. This is a Government mandate, and it will be continuously implemented”, she added.

Addressing the leaders on the recently launched cattle compensation, the Vice President said over 5282 claimants from some of the affected areas had been fully paid. She asked the Chief Administrative officers to synchronize their data with the office of the Attorney General’s so that all beneficiaries are paid.”Verification in this process is key, and leaders have a big role to play so that the money is released”, she added.

She congratulated those districts whose leaders submitted the required information, leading to increased beneficiaries being compensated.

Earlier, the Minister of State for local Government, Victoria Rusoke expressed gratitude to the Vice President for being an Ambassador of successful and participatory involvement in Government programs, saying the VP facilitated, taught and made sure Teso understands the PDM. “You too need to educate the masses about Government because NRM is a Government of truth and practicality. We therefore call for timely supervision, timely assessment, and timely reporting, especially now that you have mobility of transport”.

The Minister appealed for team work at all local governments so as to realize results.

The Woman MP- Soroti City Joan Alobo thanked the Vice President for her continuous stewardship and the work so far.

Present at the function were the minister of fisheries Helen Adoa , RCC Soroti city, RDC soroti district, LCVs Teso region and various other leaders from different districts.

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