Want to Change Gospel Music Narrative – Rising Star Pete Promises

Pete is a young fast rising gospel singer aged 23 and a graduate of the University of Liberia with a BSc degree in Medical Biology and Chemistry.Graduate of the Rev. Dr. Margaret Court Bible Training Center with a Certificate in Christian Ministry.

His love for music started when he was just 12yrs old. His music career started way back around 2014. He officially kicked on when he added his Future Music Group (FMG) first project “Genesis”.

He is a pianist, a rapper, a gospel music producer, a songwriter and an artist. Today his latest song “I Need You” is trending all over music platforms. We managed to track him down and shared his story in a tell all interview

Why did you cut your name short to Pete?

I prefer “Pete” the one syllable word.Because that’s how my dad used to call me when he was alive.

Tell us who exactly Pete Is?

Pete is a young man at age 23 A graduate of the University of Liberia with a BSc degree in Medical Biology and Chemistry. Graduate of the Rev. Dr. Margaret Court Bible Training Center with a Certificate in Christian Ministry.

I’m a pianist, a rapper, a gospel music producer, a songwriter and an artist

Do you have any music background? Like where did your love for music start from?

My love for music started when I was like 12yrs old. I used to listen to music more often especially the RNB genre, as I grew up it became stronger. Throughout, the church has been the right place for my dreams to come true.

Growing up a young boy, what kind of a child were you like?

I was a very shy kid, very respectful, but my Dad always encouraged me to study and be the best in anything I am passionate about. I was a sporty person, played football, basketball, and other sports. Also I was heavily involved with music

From the beginning, was your family supportive of you venturing into music?

Of course my family was supportive as it relates to my music career. I have two of my siblings who sing well, so they were there cheering me up and giving all of the care I needed up till now. They will watch, like and share all of my contents including asking their friends to do the same.

Did you study?

Yes I studied.I’ve earned a Bachelor of Medical Science Degree in Biology and Chemistry; Certificate in Christian Ministry

If you studied, why did you choose not to practice what you studied and instead went into music?

I believe that it’s possible to be a medical doctor and still be a musician. Having said that, I’ll keep doing music while I advance my education. I’m passionate about both, and it’s achievable.

Well, let’s talk about your very first song? What was it, what inspired you to record it?

I started writing music sometime now. Since 2014, I would say but it became official when I added my lyrics to Future Music Group’s (FMG) first project “Genesis”. I’m a rapper so I was featured in “I Believe” which was all about encouraging young people that one day their “light will shine, cause the Lord is my side”. It was like a thanksgiving song. Actually I was the last rapper on that song

Since then I started writing more often, and also been featured on other songs as well, like on Christoph D “Over”, and “Thank You Lord” Albums, also Jerezico “Nobody Like You” Album. 

My inspiration is basically guided towards Thanksgiving, Salvation, God’s Love, Encouragement, and My Experiences. My desire is to show God goodness through what I do, and my personal experiences of God reflection in my life brings that out well for me. 

Officially I released my first single in 2020, titled “I Need You” which was basically about my life and God’s part in it.

How was the feeling the very first time you held a mic in the studio?

I was afraid, but one of Liberia’s top gospel artists, Min. Miracle A. Kettor, was part of the project “Genesis”, So she helped me during those moments and got the best out of me. I also use my friends’ inspiration to guide me through those times. But I was really afraid ahaha.

What studio was that?

T-Bund Studio, the song was engineered and produced by Rawlo, Kingsley Uche (King Bryant), and D Melting K.

And you decided to do gospel music, why? Are you attached to church? Did the Church force you to do gospel music?

My late father was a Pastor, I was brought up in a “very” Christian home. I grew up loving God and experiencing His goodness throughout my life. I choose to do Gospel Music out of my passion for the gospel. I like to share the gospel, that’s why I sing it. 

Globally, musicians say, secular music sells more than gospel music, what is your take on this?

I think it’s just about the quality of music that is presented to the audience to listen to. Personally I like secular songs and secular artists. I work with some of them. Their level of creativity is amazing, they work hard because they strive to get and maintain their audience. On the other hand, this is just my opinion, some gospel musicians do not work as hard in getting quality on the track. 

Besides, secular music gets more promotion, more plays than gospel music. DJs love the vibe and gospel music is more personal in some cases. Moreover, some would say that christian entities are not investing more into entertainment, but this is a longer debate, as to if they should or why should they… haha

I’m looking forward to working hard to change that narrative. A big part of what I stand for, is that “we should be allowed to be who we are and get the same attention, and opportunities, despite the odds.”

Gospel music has taken a new trend lately. Gospel musicians record love songs, do you intend to mix also?

I think it’s personal preferences and individual artist inspirations, but I’d like to share my experiences and give a message in my work. The gospel is a message I want to reflect in what I do, despite the genre

Anyway, what has been your breakthrough song as of now?

Uh, coming up as an underground gospel artist in Liberia is a huge struggle. I did “I Need You” , it’s now streaming, but I won’t call it a breakthrough yet! 

However, people got to know me from the projects I host on my platform, like Pete’s Playlist, My Favorite Hymn I & II, Christ Birth Significance, and Roots… 

Just a gees! I’m coming up with something heavy next year, my debut Album, it’s in the making.

Which people do you attach your current success to in the gospel music world?

My team, Future Music Group, Rufus Yaw Gyamfi, my big brother, of course my church GCVMI Victory Life Church, my family is also a big part as well, my friends, and my other family because I don’t have fans, I consider people that follow my content as family because they encourage me in so many ways to keep growing.

Today, the devil has attacked the church, church leaders have broken marriages, gospel musicians are fornicating, what is the future of gospel music in the world?

Hmmm, personally I wouldn’t say much, because there is no need to judge really, but God knows the heart and the weaknesses of every man. It is amazing that He loves us despite all of that. However, we will keep praying that God’s grace will keep being sufficient for everyone who needs it in different circumstances.

Who writes your songs by the way?

Me! I do write all of my songs… I am a writer

What is the message behind your  latest song?

“I Need You” is about how much we cannot do without God! We need God for grace, guidance, protection, and everything, for everything. I basically share my experiences, thanksgiving, and salvation messages. By the way, it’s a rap song.

You look young and handsome, do you have intentions of settling down? Who is your ideal woman?

haha! But yeah sure, when the time is right. It is important to avoid distractions and temptations. haha! 

You’re now tapping into different audiences globally, what are your plans in near future musically?

I would like to travel around the world and meet my audiences and share memorable moments with them. It would be a areat opportunity to do so, when I get the invitation.

Which gospel artist in Uganda would you wish to work with?

I’m open to work with any artist from Uganda, it’s important we network! I don’t understand the language but I like the sound of your music. 

Lastly, tell us where one can find your music?

My single “I Need You” is on all online digital streaming platform, But here are the links:

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