WAR @ NOTU! As divided members head into polls…here’s how greed, sex, 2021 polls fallout will kill workers union

Owere(L) and Werikhe (R) before the fallout

Owere(L) and Werikhe (R) before the fallout

It’s just hours to an extra-ordinary General Council meeting where selected members of the National Organization of Trade Unions (NOTU) will meet to deliberate on a few issues. Key on the agenda in this meeting scheduled Tuesday, 15th November at Hotel Africana, is to pass a vote of no confidence in NOTU’s eternity Chairman General Wilson Usher Owere. Another item on the agenda is to fill vacant positions—Secretary General, Treasurer and Deputy on an interim basis until next year when General elections will be held.

These positions became vacant when their bearers opted for elective politics in the 2021 polls and sailed through while others died. The SG post fell vacant when the occupant, Peter Christopher Werikhe stood in 2021 polls and won the Member of Parliament seat for Bubulo West Constituency in Mbale. He no longer has time for NOTU activities. According to the NOTU constitution, the SG is supposed to be in office 24/7 (8am to 5pm) daily and not to engage in partisan politics. Similarly the Treasurer post fell vacant following the resignation of Brother Legise Mwanika after he became the Councilor for workers and District Speaker. The Deputy Treasurer post has been vacant for two years following the death of Sister Mercy Matende.

This has polarized activities at Ntinda based NOTU headquarters. There are so far two camps—one led by Owere and another led by erstwhile ally and friend Werikhe. Owere’s camp is reportedly backing Education Institution’s Sam Okello (SG) and Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union president Justus Cherop (Treasurer). In Werikhe’s camp there is Bottlers’ Richard Bigirwa (SG) and Hotels’ Bro.Moses Mauku (Treasurer). According to insiders, Owere camp fears that once the SG and Treasurer positions go to Werikhe puppets, then they would have lost control of the Union. Even if it means the meeting is not taking place, they have no problem. Workers MPs like Charles Bakkabulindi, Aston Rwakajara are said to be on the side of Owere whereas Mps Margret Rwabusheija, Agnes Kunihira and Byakatonda Abdul are Pro Werikhe camp.

Tuesday’s meeting is a do or die for both camps


Members are also concerned about the direction Owere administration is taking NOTU. These feel funds, assets have somehow been misused and no one is calling top brass to order. “We have raised concerns over funds received from HE the President of the Republic of Uganda, the sale of NOTU land in Njeru-Jinja, the COVID fund, NSSF funds, the young workers funds and women funds, the informal sector fund etc much of this is donor money,” members point out in one their petitions seen by this publication. They are also wondering how one Magelan Luboyera got involved in some of these land transactions.

There are also concerns about how one of NOTU’s Noah minibus ended up doing errands for Hilgard Primary school, Entebbe which is reportedly linked to Owere. Using blackmail, NOTU also reportedly receives funds and foreign trips facilitation from NSSF’s Dr.Richard Byarugaba but the accountability has always reportedly been elusive and there are calls for a forensic audit. This is a story for another day.

Line Minister Among’s letter guiding on NOTU matters


We have also learnt that sex scandals are tearing NOTU apart. We shall extensively report about this in our subsequent publication but it goes without mention that some bosses fell out over a woman. This lady has since been appointed to one of the powerful boards in the country whose monthly retainer has been increased from shs7m to shs20m. As we shall report, five bosses shared her and when they found out, a war of world cup proportions broke out. A story is told how one time some three bosses attended a wedding in Gulu. This lady was also there. Unknown to each other, they all hoped to have her share. The same lady had, however, been booked by one of the workers MPs who was also in attendance. The lady decided to sleep with the Mp. We are told some hotel workers bumped into another NOTU boss hovering around the hotel corridors at 3am looking for the same lady. He was alerted in the morning about what happened and on return to Kampala, bad blood started till to date. Your almighty sometime back exclusively published a leaked picture of one of the Union bosses lying in bed after enjoying a steamy sex marathon. Watch this space! DO YOU HAVE A HOT STORY (CHEATERS, DIVORCE, VIDEOS, CORRUPTION, LAND WRANGLES, EXPOSES …ETAL) YOU WOULD LIKE US TO PUBLISH? CALL/TEXT/WHATSAPP 0777959024 OR EMAIL: redpeppertips@gmail.com


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