WAR ON TERROR! Shocking new details emerge on Al shabaab vs UPDF base attack

Fresh, shocking details have emerged regarding the May 26, 2023 Al shabaab attack on a UPDF base in Somalia that led to the death of at least 54 soldiers including the commander.

According to military sources previously deployed in Somalia, the attack was the most devastating, leading to  many questions including talk that perhaps some actors were bribed or there was sabotage in order to discourage the UPDF and force it to abandon the mission.

These sources told us that previously the UPDF was in charge of all its intelligence gathering and air power support, but within the new mission now named ATMIS, the Americans are in charge of most of the intelligence gathering and providing air cover for the troops.
“Previously we were in charge of our intelligence. We made friends with Somalis, mainly women who would come into the bases and provide information about Al shabaab plans but now this function has been taken over by the US with devastating consequences,” the military source told us.

“The enemy had never been able to overrun our base the way they did and they had never killed such a big number.”

ATMIS or (The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia) was formed in April 2022 with the aim of stabilising the country and handing it over to Somali troops in 2024. It has slightly over 20,000 soldiers. It was formerly known as the African Union Mission in Somalia and consists of troops from Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia and Djibouti.
The Americans have provided intelligence and they have very many drones and they are alert. But this time there was no intelligence warning from the Americans until 8am the next day which has since raised many questions.

Previously, bases’ security was ensured by keeping at least one tank running at night and randomly firing tank shells at night from time to time to scare Al shabaab. But with the presence of the Americans, random firing of tank shells is no longer possible, according to this source.

Was the tank at the base running when the Al shabaab attacked on May 26th?

Sources say this needs to be investigated as some commanders can sell fuel to locals thus limiting the amount available to run the tank throughout the night. Fuel theft is a story for another day, but here is a hint. There are allegations of fuel crisis hitting UG AMISOM base camp in Somalia. It is alleged that 30 fuel drums (each containing 220 litres) were stolen and sold in December 2022 under the guise of supporting operations. The incidents reportedly happened on 12th Dec.2022 (17 drums-3740litres) and 15th Dec (13 drums-3602litres). That this was the same fuel supposed to last from December up to the end of January. And as a result of this alleged fuel theft, UG AMISOM operations had to be halted on 20th Dec, 2022 till February this year due to lack of fuel. Fingers have reportedly been pointed at commanders—a Colonel and a Major—full names withheld for now. That some junior officers (intelligence officers) who dared to report them are now paying the price.

Back to the attack. This source says the Al shabaab weapon of choice is called PK which has 500 rounds of ammunition and their bullets explode on the body upon impact. Once they are near you they have an advantage over someone with an AK47.

It is said when the attack started the two majors now under arrest radioed and ordered troops to run away. It is not clear whether they got this order from their boss. This withdrawal enabled the enemy to attack a fleeing force mowing many.

It is said during the chaotic withdrawal, the enemy shot the commander of the base, Lt. Col Edward Nyororo in the stomach. But the brave commander managed to move away, apparently holding his intestines. He is said to have called his brother in Mogadishu telling him that a rescue helicopter be sent quickly or else he would kill himself rather than being captured by the enemy. But the helicopter did not come.
If the UPDF had its MIGs as was in the past the situation would have been different, the source said.
It is also said most of the soldiers were new in Somalia and did not know how to manoeuvre during the attack. Moreover they were about 200 facing an 800 strong invading force.

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