We Have No Links with Mbabazi— USA

Amama Mbabazi and US Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi. File Photo

United State Ambassador to Uganda Scott H. Delisi has refuted US links with individual candidates ahead of 2016 presidential elections.

Amama Mbabazi and US Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi. File Photo
Amama Mbabazi and US Ambassador to Uganda Scott DeLisi. File Photo

Scott’s comment came amid romours that United States of America is supporting former Prime Minister John Patrick Amama Mbabazi, and that it had forced President Museveni to let Mbabazi hold consultative meetings slanted to start today morning in Mbale.

“Any online rumors or other assertions that the United States has a preferred candidate in the ‪‎Ugandan election, or has threatened to withdraw our assistance to the government and the people of ‪‎Uganda over any individual’s candidacy, are simply not true,” Scott said yesterday in a comment posted on US Embassy Facebook page.

He added; “Anyone who follows our engagement in #Uganda knows that we actively support the development of all political parties in Uganda because their ability to represent a range of views effectively is central to a robust democratic process in which citizens are informed and free to make choices on key issues.”

Scott also assured Ugandans that US does not intend to support any candidate in the near future as Uganda heads into presidential elections.

He said it is a role of Ugandans to choose their leaders not international partners.

“Those who suggest that we seek to play such a role betray their fundamental lack of understanding of the United States and of our unwavering belief that the people of Uganda, and no one else, must choose their candidates and, ultimately, their elected leaders. It is their voice, not the voice of international partners that must be respected,” he said.

This is the second time that USA and western world diplomats in Kampala are distancing themselves from allegations of backing Amama Mbabazi.

Early June, Red Pepper reported that both the United States of America and former colonial masters, Britain, had thrown their weight behind Mbabazi.

USA embassy vehemently dismissed reports as “preposterous.”  As well, European Mission in Kampala distanced itself from the report.

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