WHOOPER WAR; You’re a scorned Woman- Bummy Bella Mubiru tells Masembe’s ex wife

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A few weeks back, we reported how Former TV boy Omubi Masembe was in hot soup with his baby mama over bummy singer Bella Mubiru.

According to a source, we were informed that Masembe’s first wife only known as Nalongo had been trailing him after she found out that he was secretly seeing musician Bella Mubiru behind her back. She intercepted information that the two were worryingly close.

Today, in a brief interview with the sexy Bella Mubiru, she told us that the boy is hers. She described Masembe’s baby mama as an EX who is simply scorned.


“I never want to be out there in the media. But let me make this straight. Masembe and Nalongo seperated way back. I have been dating him for some time. Why is she coming up now? I think she is simply a scorned woman who needs to find a life” Bella told us.

It should be recalled that Masembe and Bella Mubiru met on a TV show interview on Bukedde where she had gone for an interview. The two became too close to an extent of managing her music career.

Like any other man, Masembe immediately fell for the super sexy looking Bella Mubiru and started playing his wives alongside Bella. Bella came as a powerful, rich and influential Singer.


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