WHOPPER WAR!!! Sexy Minah, Naira Ali Trade Blows over Dude


Snoops have established that singers Minah Izah real name Amina Nakayiza and Naira Ali are involved in a fierce whopper war that is threatening to end their singing careers.

Naira with the dude suspected to have caused the feud
Naira with the dude suspected to have caused the feud

Latest info is that the two babes have been secretly feuding for about three months over a city dude only identified as Fahad.

According to sources, gorgeous and curvy Minah and naira used to be the best of pals and worked together until a whopper came in their friendship.

However, Minah is said to have attempted to snatch Fahad who was Naira’s boyfriend when she started seducing him.

It was after Naira learnt of Minah’s betrayal that the two babes bitterly fell out and have not been Seeing Eye to eye since.

“Naira was so mad that she fought Minah. They have been having a verbal artillery” reveals a close pal to both babes.

Their feud was reignited last weekend when they got physical with lots of scratching, slapping and hair pulling.

This was last Sunday afternoon at Entebbe based Spennah beach during a Mountain dew sponsored event where both Minah and Naira were booked to perform.

Minah Nakayiza
Minah Nakayiza

Eyewitnesses intimate that Naira could not stand breathing the same air as Minah who she accused of snatching her man and seeing her sparked off the rage she has towards her former pal.

Minah is among the sexiest babes in town thanks to her wasp like waist and juicy looking boobs that drive several horny city dudes nuts.

No wonder Fahad was also smitten with the ‘Njagala gwe’ singer as she makes every normal functioning male human being with blood tempted to touch.

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