Why Speaker Anita Among is a New Style Icon in the Uganda’s Political Arena

Speaker Anita Among

Speaker Anita Among

I don’t know about you, but I have longed for the day when we would have someone that could bring some flair and much-needed fashion to our political arena. And it looks like God might have answered that prayer, through our current speaker of Parliament, Rt Hon Anita Annet Among, who also doubles as the Woman MP for Bukedea.

If you have recently scrolled through social media, it must have brought you to this discovery, and to be honest, I have been on a full hunt for more style moments by the Ugandan politician.

In a world where a lot of our political heads (both male and female) are more inclined to neutral shades, ill-fitting suits, and the most forgettable attires, the honorable speaker is choosing to be different. Her style serves everything from colour, to statement textures like tweed, and did I mention this style icon also has created a signature accessory that is a given with all her outfits?

Well, here are some of the reasons why we love this intelligent fashionista, and why we may be calling for a Pinterest mood board in the halls of Parliament, filled with all her major looks.

Speaker Anita Among


The one thing you can be assured of with the style inspiration served by this fashion star is a color pallet that you are going to love. Some of the fashion moments captured of her have been those in style-approved shades like burgundy, baby blue, navy blues, and blues. Hues are a great way to nail any look, and this is something the speaker and her styling team is taking full advantage of.

Whether she is stepping out for official duty or making a public appearance somewhere out of town, you can be assured that she will be stepping out in something that is both color coordinated and head-turning!

Speaker Anita Among


The power of a great accessory is undisputed, and something you will appreciate, especially if you are trying to attain style icon status. And in Honorable Among’s case, her pick was the British-invented brooch.

There is something elegant and sophisticated about this accessory, and that is something this style team seems to be making the most of. The statement accessory is carefully selected and added to almost all of her looks, each one serving a different vibe, and is distinct from the last. And when styled with her matching sets and suited-up looks, this accessory simply brings the entire look to completion!


Remember the time when all we got served by our dear politicians were ill-fitting suits? Well, those days are surely behind us, and it’s all thanks to Ms. Among.  A great fit is a given with all of her looks, whether she is pulling off a suited look, or some loungewear in the form of sweatpants, having a great fitted look is important for this fashionista’s style moment.

A great fit not only ensured that the entire look is well out together, but is also easy to accessorize, as everything is as should be.

So, who knows? Maybe the award recipient for this year’s Best Dressed Woman at the ASFAs will come from the corridors of Parliament.

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