Women Clubs to boycot 2022-2023 season over TV Rights Money

By Our Reporter

The FUFA Women’s Super League topflight tiers have threatened to boycott the 2022-2023 season if the Federation of Uganda football associations (FUFA) gives them a deaf ear over TVs rights money.

At the press briefing held at Capital Shoppers Building- Nakawa on Wednesday evening,  Club CEOs revealed to that FUFA never wants listens to them apart from directing them and yet  they’re the stakeholders who inject money for the league to run.

FUFA through its CEO, Edgar Watson wrote to clubs informing them that from match day two, Super league will be played at 10am not 4PM as it was indicated at the original fixture, and according to FUFA, they reached at this decision to have more women football on TV. This  decision opened a can of worms amogts the women’s football stakeholders saying that the time doesn’t favor them for the reasons they outlined in their first petition to FUFA though the FA didn’t give them an ear.

“We received a communication through the FUFA Super League Whatsapp group inviting us for a meeting and as usual, we complied , we sat in the meeting, waited for the petition to be discussed, unfortunately the deputy CEO in charge football Decolas Kiiza in the meeting didn’t say anything claiming that he didn’t come with the copy…… to our disappointment, the chair of the meeting told us to rush the meeting, reason, he had another meeting with the federation president at Parliament, as we continued discussing, he moved out of the meeting and another person , Shawn Mubiru came in to chair the meeting, but he confessed that he was not briefed of what we were discussing and also confessed that he had no powers to make any decision or resolution, but he stated that FUFA has done its part, communicated the fixture, so it’s up to clubs whether to honor the fixture or not, ” She Corporate CEO Mathias Kakuru narrates.

In the clubs petition to  FUFA they outlined  five reasons as to why they can’t play the games at 10am with one to increases the operational costs of the club, Football can’t displace our religion,  the arrangement conflicts with Schools’ programs and 70% of the clubs are institution best,  the rationale of compelling all teams to play at 10am, even when not on TV, Why the third party, FUFA TV forces the change of league program and yet the stakeholders – Owner of the product are not aware of the TV arrangements.

Lady Dove’s president, Julius Mugisa revealed their next step if the federation doesn’t listen to their request.

“In the unlikely event that the federation will ignore our request, not listen to our voices, we will be left with no option but to donate all the three points per club, per match back into the bag where the points are kept for the federation, that means effectively, the league will not be played. However, if there will be one team or two that will be not speaking the same language, they are free to get the walkover points but that will be a signal that the two stakeholders are not talking and I would not want to reach that level. He told the media.

Meanwhile, on FUFA TV case, Uganda Martyrs CEO said that, as Martyrs, they will not allow FUFA TV OB vans to enter the gates of Uganda Martyrs until they sit with the TV to reach on a leveled ground.

“I myself, just like I put it yesterday before FUFA, we have not yet entered an arrangement with FUFA TV to broadcast these games. Nobody is against TV but we have not spoken to TV and I as an individual believe that we should actually not even meet FUFA because TV is a private entity, it’s a third body against FUFA.

So before we have any arrangement with TV, I don’t expect to open the gate for TV crew at Martyrs. ” Said John Baptist.

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