Dear Editor,

I would like to interest you in a story about the ongoing fraudulent operations that seem to have their roots within internal UMEME staff regarding the distribution of Yaka Meters to customers.

I am one of those customers who applied to get Yaka Meters and I applied for 14 meters. I have so far received 11 meters with an outstanding balance of 3 meters. Every time I have checked, I have been informed that there are no Meters yet. This was the case until I received a call from a fraudster last week.

I received a call from this number: 0708 517 854 (which I later learnt belongs to one “Ibrahim Tebusweke”). The caller who indicated that he was a staff of UMEME told me that my remaining 3 Yaka Meters were now available and that I needed to work with another person to have them installed. He read out the number to me as 0741 040 669 – and he said it belongs to someone called “Kiiza Job”.

When I contacted “Kiiza”, he actually had information about me as well as the number of Meters that are not yet installed. For instance, he called me by my name, he knew that I had a balance of 3 Meters remaining, and he knew where my premises are). He then asked me to send him money through Mobile Money to facilitate the installation of the Meters.

When I inquired about how he got the information and the fact that he was not yet on the premises (where he purported to be), he dropped the call.

In my view, these people must be getting details from insider staff and there must be collusion between inside UMEME staff (esp. those who work in the section responsible for distribution of Yaka Meters) and these fraudsters. It’s unlikely that a random thief would have the level of detail that these people have.

I would like to invite you to follow up this story through your undercover journalistic investigations and expose these fraudulent operations that seem to have roots among staff working directly with UMEME.


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