Zari’s Competitor For Diamond’s Magic Stick Identified

If you thought Zari’s co-wife is only Wema Sepetu, you need to think again, because there is a new dangerous woman and she is already giving Zari sleepless nights.

Zari's cowife

The yet to be identified tormentor of Zari uses @mkewamganda on Instagram and claims to have had a piece of Diamond Platinumz who doubles as Zari’s southern territory governor.

Irked by her claims and alleged attacks, Zari came out with all the insecurities a woman can possess and attempted slamming her substitute on Facebook last night.

“This fake zone fool right here aging 45 with no child or career except hitting on men who are good at posting money had been throwing alot of shade on me on instagram be coz well ‘someone’ apparently is social media dating her,” She posted.

Shockingly, according to Zari, this unknown woman has ever had a sexual relationship with her own dad though no evidence is available….for now.

“Stuck in the USA without papers to return to Africa well after running away because she had a fight with her mom for sleeping with her own dad,” Zari spilled the secrets.

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