ZIP UP: Akena Boys Raid Toilet, Cut short Otunu Pupu Session


The embattled outgoing UPC boss Olara Otunnu faced a rough situation on Friday after unknown goons loyal to his arch rival Jimmy Akena cut short his nature call session.


This was at UPC headquarters where Otunnu had gone to carry out his official duties as UPC president only to face fierce treatment from the rowdy boys.

According to sources, Otunu was lifted using a rope from 6th floor to 3rd floor where he hid in the toilet.

As if hiding in the toilet was not enough humiliating for Uganda’s top celebrated bachelor, Otunnu was got seated on toilet while making nature call and was beaten thoroughly.

The development follows the last Monday pronouncement of Akena who is also Lira Municipality MP as the new UPC President. This was after received majority endorsement from the district level.

Akena was declared winner by UPC’s electoral commission chairman John Buzu.

According to results from UPC Electoral body, Akena received endorsement from 67 districts, while his other colleagues in the race like David Pulkol won r hearts of 12 districts and Joseph Bbosa had 11 districts to his backing.

However, Otunnu’s loyalists termed the pronouncement as a sham and revealed that Akena’s actions tantamount to a coup against his own party.

Akena is accused of chasing away all UPC officials from Uganda House and went on to force U.P.C electoral commission to announce him as U.P.C President.

“The electoral commissioners were taken hostage and forced to announce that Akena was not only the winner in the District Conference but was also declared the new U.PC Party President” noted Dan Okello one of UPC presidential aspirants.

The Otunnu camp argues that it is only the Delegates conference which is mandated to declare who becomes the U.P.C new President and can only be done during the delegate’s conference.

Okello goes on to add that the District conference only nominates candidates. “If the district conferences have nominated Jimmy Akena it does not mean he becomes automatic party president without the delegate’s conference pronouncement.”

The embittered Okello went on to state that Akena is a moll in UPC and that he is a mafia deployed by NRM to divide and weaken UPC. He describes his actions to announce that UPC isn’t ready for 2016 elections as an insult to the party.

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