Kazinda – PAC Meeting Blocked


Embattled former Principal Accountant in the Office of the Prime Minister – Goeffrey Kazinda has been blocked from facing the Parliament Accounts Committee that was scheduled for Monday morning.

Godfrey Kazinda who is currently incarcerated at Luzira Prison was expected to appear before PAC with his former workmate Pius Bigirimana who is also involved in the theft of the funds.

According to Frank Mbaine – the Prisons PRO, the Attorney General advised them not to produce Kazinda before PAC on the corruption scandals in OPM since it would be prejudicial.

11 thoughts on “Kazinda – PAC Meeting Blocked

  1. Now we know why they are busy blocking. Next tme we shall hear he died of short term ilness just 2 stop us hear his side of the story. How is his testimony going to jeopadise investigation?, hw comes the Ps and other co accused appeared?. the whole world is watching and one day the truth will come to light.

  2. I think also the Attorney General knows something & thatz why he has blocked Kazinda from
    appearing before PAC.

  3. The whole world is watching whatever is happenning in our country Uganda especially those who use their Authority extreemly in various Offices of gorvernment.i.e they are the very officers controlling Public service recruitment,ditribution of Gov. resources etc…. That’s corruption in our country cannot be stopped.
    In Business Ethics there’s a saying that, ” what is right is right even if there’s no one is doing it and what is wrong is wrong even if every one is doing it. Therefore, the reallity is whoever is involved in stealling public funds at any level of gov.offices will have to cough the equivalent or more of what was taken at any time ”T”. The governor Bank of Uganda is so much worried about the deppreciation of our currency, this is majory caused by those individualistic thugs in government. who dont have any mercy to the poorest.
    Before coming up with a solution, one should look at the cause of some thing first.
    Are the reserves in the treasuery used as required by the law?

  4. but people you seem not to know that this fellow is in prison and we still want to know what the investigations have yielded…..sometimes you need to ask those around you some information about the law………………..especially those who thinking that they know much………

  5. Look at what Bigirimana told PAC, showing clearly that the former & present PMs are directly responsible for theft of those billions. Attorney general or whoever they are, know that by blocking Kazinda from facing PAC, they protecting themselves at the expense of ugandan tax payers. They think they’re owners of this country & above the law, they should remember that “no condition is permanent” and at a certain time ‘t’ those billions will be vomited.

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