M7 Tips Women On Wealth Creation

President Yoweri Museveni has called on Ugandans to ensure food and income security through wealth creation projects that are cost effective to fight household poverty.


“You should know what you can do at your home that can make you earn more money and also have food security,” he said.

The President was addressing a meeting of Amolatar Women Informal Enterprising Group, who called on him at State House, Entebbe on Monday.

The delegation was led by Amolatar Member of Parliament, Hon. Caroline Okau.

He advised Ugandans to look at wealth creation as a sustained campaign and to choose cost effective enterprises such as animal and poultry rearing, coffee and fruit production among other projects that can give them food and incomes security.

On the issue of job creation, the President urged parents to support their children to acquire skills that empower them to get employment.

“Education that enables one to speak English is good, but you must have skills in order to get jobs. Get skills that the society wants or can buy easily. Skills are a form of wealth as they enable people to get jobs and empower one to be wealthy,” he said.

He urged the people to guard their health saying health is God-given wealth. He said that too much alcohol consumption and immoral life styles are an abuse of one’s health.

On the issue of peace, the President told the meeting that Uganda is now peaceful because of the capacity that the National Resistance Movement has built and because of its good politics. He said there is now access to electricity, developed infrastructure such as road and ferry services, schools, and health centers etc.

The President was happy to note that faith-based groups are fully involved in the fight against poverty among their followers and called on Christians and Moslems to be role models in the wealth creation campaign.

women on wealth

The President pledged Shs.288 million towards the completion of various grain milling machines in the district.

The delegation pledged their total support to President Museveni in the 2016 general elections as their sole candidate. They also commended him for supporting the people of Amolatar district and the Women Group in particular.

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