Museveni’s RDC evicted over rent arrears

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi             May 31, 2022

ARUA. Ham Ezama Muzamil, the Arua deputy resident district commissioner (RDC) has been evicted from the shop he has been renting in Arua town over accumulated rent arrears.


Court Bailiffs on Tuesday threw out Ezama’s property from TECNO Arua phones and service center which he was running at shop no.2, plot 12 along Avenue Road in Arua town.

This follows a court order after Ezama allegedly failed to clear the Landlord, Jackson Draza’s rent arrears for the last 8 months.



However, Gerald Adomati, the Lawyer representing the landlord, couldn’t disclose the exact amount of money his client was demanding.

“We can not disclose the details of our client’s information to the media but what we can make the press know is that the landlord is exercising his right of re-entry into the premises because there is no existing contract between the landlord and the tenant anymore,” Adomati said.

Meanwhile Apollo Olema, the head of Vimba Associates, the court Bailiff that evicted Ezama from the TECNO shop said he acted on orders of the court.

“This morning the May 31, 2022, I received a warrant from the Chief Magistrate’s Court to execute and give a repossession order so that the applicant who doubles as the landlord can repossess his property on plot number 12, shop number 2 which had been occupied by Ezama Ham Muzamil,” Apollo said.

“This matter went to court under misc. cause number 0015 of 2022 and the landlord was seeking for orders to repossess his premise which was being rented by Ezama Ham Muzamil. This is upon defaulting payment regularly and other misunderstandings,” Apollo added.


But a close source to the landlord who spoke on condition of anonymity disclosed to us that Ezama started defaulting on rent payment from October last year until March this year when his contract expired.

The source added that Ezama allegedly decided to lock the shop and disappeared in thin air, a reason they took the matter to court.

The source further explained that out of pressure, some amount of money was deposited in the landlord’s account by a close friend to Ezama and the money covered the contract period of which he was issued receipt.

However, Ezama continued keeping the place under lock until the court directed the Bailiff to break the door and throw out his property.

On breaking the shop, only tables and old phone chargers were recovered without any single phone which Ezama used to sell.


When contacted on phone, Ezama Ham said: “That is a company, it is not me as Ham but of course, that issue was in Grade One Court (G1) they have done it when even I was not served, even my lawyers were not served and so, we have just got that information. But of course, that matter is coming up in court on Thursday.”

Ezama couldn’t equally give more details about the amount of money the landlord was demanding from him and why he continued locking the door up to now.

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