Tycoons Lose Property To Banks



By Isaac Tugume
Special Projects Team

The battle by between creditors and debtors is still raging on high, with countless Ugandan tycoons losing more homes and businesses to banks.
Ever since the commercial banks raised the interest rates, life for very many Ugandans and other foreign businessmen has never been the same. Many are now traumatised whenever people talk about mean court bailiffs (Wanyondo). Several businessmen and women found themselves in difficult financial situation because of unpaid loans.
This left their coffers greatly indebted and many have either wound up due to bankruptcy or outright sold out their business ventures at giveaway prices to service loans. However, most tycoons who cannot match with the bank orders have lost their properties to financial institutions. In this issue, we release yet another list of city tycoons that have been left homeless or have had their swanky commercial buildings being auctioned.


Tycoon Damani loses Property to Crane Bank
Last week we reported how Sudhir Ruparelia was threatening to attach Hashad Damani’s property which was put as collateral security Shs5bn loan from Crane Bank. Reality set is that Sudhir has attached the commercial building (prime property) next to his Crane Chambers along Kampala Road.
Renovations are in high gear and so that he can rent it out and mint dime to recover the loss. This happened after Damani frantically tried to reach Sudhir 3 days before the expiry date of the payment to no avail. The money was apparently borrowed to fight a court case with Kikonyogo hoping to win and sell it off to pay the huge debts. However, the Kikonyogos were a step ahead of the cynical dirty game played by the Damanis and Sam Engola who are said to have not paid any penny but allegedly used forged documents to win a Court Judgment which has now been appealed. In another development, the Damanis are said to have frequented CPS wanting to have private talks with Metropolitan Commandant for Kampala Felix Andrew Kaweesi in vain.
From there they headed to the Ministry of Ethics and Integrity to again complain about the re-instatement of Sarah Kurata at Lands, but the Minister frankly told them to produce evidence of ownership and also asked them to respond to Kurata’s rebuttal of their claims, they disappeared in thin air. However, Kikonyogo is reported to have petitioned the Katikkiro Eng. JB Walusimbi, The Mufti, Sheikh Mubajje and Archbishop Lwanga who promised him support after verifying his claim.
They reportedly assured him that if he genuinely bought the land, no matter what the courts decide, the Damanis will never take it. Mubajje and the Katikkiro are said to have written a letter to the Chief Justice and copied to President Museveni explaining their woes.

Century Associates
Perusi Berungi: Land and storeyed 5 bedroom residential bungalow comprised in plot 1842 block 229 Kireka, along Kyaliwajjala Road on 0.22 acres.

Herbert Kamagara: Land and four bedroom resindetial crib with double garage, on LRV 336 Folio 19 plot 1545 block 15 at Kibuga, Nsambya.

Perusi Birungi under Jane Rose Kabahindi: Land with residential house and commercial rental units on block 29 plot 1104 at Kamwokya measuring 0.12 acres.

Perusi Birungi: Land with one residential house and 9 rental units on block 29 plot 935 at Kamwokya measuring 0.22 acres.

Perusi Birungi: Land with banana plantation and buildings on block 32 plot 17 Bugati, Kitule, Buralya County, Kabarole.
Kamugasha Agencies Ltd
Moses Watika: Land at Bungokho, central Mbale on FRV 583 Folio 3 plot 468.

Entebbe Builders and Decorators: Land on block 392 plot 930 at Sekiwunga, Busiro Wakiso.

Bernadette and John Okoboi: Land with residential structure on block 100 plot 368 at Bajjo Seeta measuring 0.046 hectares.

Richard Itakali Kirya: Land with residential storeyed bungalow and outer buildings on block 216 plots 2569 and 2571 both measuring 0.058 hectares at Kisasi, Kyadondo.

Charles Kidega: Land with well finished 3 bedroom residential house on block 224 plot 496 at Namugongo, measuring 0.036 hectares.

Agnes Nakabuye: Land with fenced residential house and outer buildings on block 228 plot 342 at Mbalwa.

Yusuf Kalimuda: Land and storeyed structure with a residential house on block 325 plots 971 and 41, LRV 3249 at Masaka Municipality.

Land and two residential houses one completed and the other not on block 401 plot 888 at Kikusa and Mawanyi off Entebbe Road near Rose Bud, Wakiso.
Superior Court Baillifs and Auctioneers
John Wanda: Land with 4 school buildings on LRV 2828 Folio 3 Plot 4 at Ndinya Road, Mbale Municipality measuring 0.279 by 0.689 acres.

John Wanda: Land with two completed hostel buildings on plot 3 Majanga Road at Mbale Municipality measuring 0.29 acres.


Beingana Bailiffs and Auctioneers
James Mugarura: Land and developments comprised in block 39 plot 161 Volume 764 Folio 18 at Biharwe, Mbarara measuring 0.067 hectares.

James Mugarura: Isuzu Big Horn UAP 630P.

Julius Gumisiriza: Kibanja located at Koranorya Trading Centre, Rwebihuro, Rwemigina Parish, Kakiika Sub County, Mbarara measuring 43 by 65Ft.

Moses Kasiigi: Kibanja with banana plantation located at Mekenke Cell, Kakiika Sub County, Mbarara, plus TV set, Photocopier and computer set.
Kanu Auctioneers
Everest Munvaneza: Land on block 301 plot 32 at Kamboja, Myanzi-Mityana.

Everest Munvaneza: Land and house on block 301 plot 24 at Kamboja, myanzi-Mityana.

Everest Munvaneza: Farm land on block 301 plot 50 at Myanzi, Mityana.

Kulumba High School under Adam Serunkuma: Land and buildings on block 208 plot 4201 at Kawempe, Kyadondo.

ATEK Farmers Group under Joyce Abureak: Undeveloped land on block 29 plot 1251 at Mulago, Kampala.


GraphiConsult (U) Ltd: Used Printing Machine, being auctioned by Impala General Auctioneers.


Babu Trust Associates
Hosanna Real Estates: Large piece of surveyed land suitable for real estate development on 421 plots 43 (3,21 hectares), plot 45 (3.24 HA), plot 46 (4.05HA), plot 47 (1.618 HA),plot 49 (3.134 HA) at Musaale Ziru, Busiro.

Hosanna Real Estates: Undeveloped land on block 171 plot 37 at Mutuba, Lugala, measuring 17.49 hectares.

Serapio Biryaba Bahugire: Leasehold Land and house on Volume 1193 Folio 1 block 115 plot 3 at Kicumbi, Ndorwa West Kabale.

Rose Nalwada: Land with semi developed storeyed commercial structure on block 459, plot 82 at Katale Sabagabo measuring 0.09 hectares.

Wilson Tuwanje: Farmland with 72 heads of cattle on block 147 plots 147, 343 and 247 at Mulemezi, Luwero.

David Mugerwa Ssali and Jesca Nakato: Land and developments on block 654 plot 140 at Nkonge Mumyuka, Luwero measuring 4.05 hectares.
Cema Exporters under James Turyatunga: Land with residential house on block 401 plot 888 at Kikusa Mawanyi Musaale, off Entebbe Road.

Savio Robert Mwanje: Land and buildings on block 442 plot 73 at Busambaga Ssabaddu at Canaan Sites measuring 0.046 hectares.




SM Cathan Land and Property Agencies
Richard Kalule: Land and semi-finished 2 bedroom residential house on block 194 plot 592 at Kungu, Kyadondo measuring 0.257 acres.

Soph Nakagolo: Leasehold land and residential house and outer buildings comprised in block 203 plots 5521 and 550 at Lugoba, Kawempe measuring 0.195 and 0.420 acres respectively.

Emmanuel Muhwezi: Private Mailo land and completed residential house on block 216 plot 3775 at Buye, Kyadondo measuring 0.133 acres.
Spot Strict Associated Bailiffs
Joweria Namubiru of Nasuuti, Mukono: Land comprised in block 299 plot 113 at Namaziba measuring 16.987 hectares.
Humphrey Kirungi: Land on block 40 plot 58 at Bujuko-Mawokota measuring 17 acres.

Hope Acheng Beatrice: Land comprised in block 215 plot 2379 at Kulambiro, Kyadondo measuring 0.101 hectares.

Paul Hategeka: Land on block 223 plots 261 and 263 at Kawoko, Busiro measuring 8.121 hectares.
Peter Lubwama: Land and developments on block 208 plot 1743 at Kawempe.

John Mubiru: Land and developments on block 444 plot 540 at Nkumba, Entebbe, auctioned by Great Links Agency.
Steady Auctioneers
Tina International School of beauty and fashion: Land and storeyed commercial building on block 1453 at Ndeeba


James Oundo Mwangalasa: Land and multiple 2 bedroomed self-contained rental units on block 25 plot 349 at Lugala Kibuga.

Yasin Kitakule: Land with commercial structures on block 3 plot 633 at Bugembe, Jinja.
Yasini Kitakule: Land comprised in 3223, Folio 9 plot 633 at Bugembe, Jinja.

Marez Services Ltd Under Henry Wanyama Ochembo: Land and storeyed rental building on block 28 plot 754 at Makerere, Kampala.



Armstrong Auctioneers

Robert Kizito Mugerwa: Land and storeyed residential bungalow on LRV 2787 Folio 13 plot 1184 block 17 at Kyaggwe Mukono, measuring 0.103 hectares.

Joseph Bufambu: Land and storeyed commercial building on block 111 plot 2394 at Mawoto, Namanve Mukono measuring 0.088 hectares.

Hellen Batamuliza: Farmland comprised in LRV 3687 Folio 1 plot 21 Kadoma Road Kabarole measuring 0.217 hectares.

Byensi Shell Masindi: Trailers UAL 417X, UAL 419X, UAL 423X, UAL 425X, UAL 427X, plus 2 Tractors UAN 015Z, UAN 061Y and a TATA truck number UAN 526J.

Peter Bibangamba: Land and multi-storeyed commercial property comprised in block 245 plots 70 and 378 at Kuiliriza, Kyadondo, Kampala.

Stanley and Agnes Konde: Land and large swanky residential house comprised in block 273 plot 4008 LRV 3137 Folio 3 at Konge, Wakiso.

MMK Engineering Ltd under Mike Owor Akwoyo: Land and unfinished storeyed residential house on block 111 plot 3249 at Kyaggwe, Mawoto.
Frankline Limited under Stanley and Agnes Konde: Land and developments comprised in LRV 3137 Folio 3 plot 4008 block 273 at Konge Wakiso.

Byensi Shell Masindi: Trailer trucks; UAL 415X, UAL 411X, UAL 413X, UAL 433X, UAL 421X, plus Tractors UAN 780X, UAN 237W, UAN 071Y, UAN 893X.

Alliaz Pharmacy: ISUZU buses; UAG 110J, UAL 327J, UAL 333L, UAH 040M.

Emmanuel Musasizi: Isuzu bus UAJ 200T.

Muhamad kizza Mpindi: Land and developments on block 206 plot 4176 at Kawempe, Kyadondo.


Amulan Kyakoonye Lutaakome: Land and house on block 376 at 512, Katale, Wakiso.
Swaibu Mwesigye: Land and residential crib on block 150 plot 47 at Lutengo, Kyaggwe Mukono measuring 2 acres with piggery house.
Shamu Standard Auctioneers
Elias and Sophie Waziri Enterprises under are losing expansive farmland on block 419-420 plot 318 at Entebbe measuring 6.172 hectares.

Erias Muhida: Farmland with cattle on block 605 ploy 7 Volume 2813 folio 7 at Singo Kiboga, measuring 198 hectares.
Ronald Ndawula: Land and school buildings on block 652 plot 836 at Bulemezi Kavule.

Sur Nampala: Large piece of undeveloped land comprised in volume 945 Folio 2, plots 171 and 170 block 4 at Kagoma, Namizi Jinja.

Mauda Nyesigire: Land on block 274 plots 241 and 272 a Ngungu-Wakiso.
Stanley Ssenyonjo: Land on block 181 plots 372, 375, 376 at Kiwologoma.

Paul Ruzindana: Undeveloped land on block 358 plot 80 at Mengo, Busiro.
Martin Lwanga: Land on block 57 plot 86 at Kyasa, Busiro.

Nelson Serwano Senkubuge: Land on block 107 plots 2340, 2323 and 2344 at Kugua Mukono town on leasehold.

Wilson Othieno: Vehicle UAN 962 Fuso Fighter.
Bemug Strict Auctioneers
Ralph. A. Bakashabaruhanga: Self-contained residential crib with storeyed guest wing LRV 2876 Folio 5 plot 1 Moroto Close, Entebbe.
Glorious Byaruhanga: land and 3 bedroomed house in Hosana Manyanga Estates on block 178 plot 932 at Gayaza, Kyadondo.

Jolly Lubega Bukenya: Land and workshop buildings on block 13 plot 510 at Najjanankumbi, Kampala.

Moses Bitagase: Land and developments comprised in block 220 plot 1603 at Kiwatule measuring 0.49 acres.
Gimono Omanyi: Land with residential house on LRV 3582 Folio 8 plot 9 at Lusimbo Close, Mbale.

Abdul Sendijja under Abdul Enterprises: Undeveloped land on plot 204 block 462 at Bukomye-Maya.
Abdul Sendija: Large piece of land with residential house on block 192 plots 1667 and 1777 at Kiwatule-Buwate Kaydondo.

Abdul Sendijja: Farmland on block 462 plot 205 at Bukomye-Maya Busiro.
Land and finished rentals on block 18 plot 951 at Nateete, Kampala.

Land and rental units on FRV 821 Folio 20 plot 21 at Pamba Loop Kimanya, Masaka.

Yusufu Kakooza and Hussina Namata: Land with poultry house and banana/ coffee plantations on FRV 388 Folio 14 plot 40 at Butega Estate, Buddu Masaka, measuring 2.89 acres.

Margaret Mbaziira Katono: Farmland with house on block 79 plot 21 at Namatogonya, Kayunga.


Flora Biingi: Land and house on block 203 plot 5521 at lugoba, Kawempe measuring 0.61 acres.
Land and residential house on block 372 plot 486 at Senyange, Masaka near hotel Lanova.

Frank Mpuuga: Undeveloped land on block 19 plot 625 at Nateete, Kampala and vacant plot at Lungujja measuring 0.220 acres.
Simon Akectha Toolit under Joseph Barungi: Land and fully completed residential house on block 111, plot 1641 at Mawoto Kiwanga T/C off Jinja Road, measuring 0.046 hectares.

Sarah Wakoru Dravu: Residential rental units on block 203 plot 5552 LRV 3971 Folio 24 at Namungoona National Housing flats.

William Kyambadde under Hot Spice Club: Land and incomplete storeyed residential bungalow on block 87 plot 152 at Namasiga seated on 2.000 hectares.

Asumani Wandera under Justus Kyaruhanga: Land and storeyed building comprised in block 9 plots 392 and 398 at Kagugube, Kampala, measuring 0.444 acres.

FRICO Enterprises: Land and residential house on block 26 plot 237 at Mengo, Kampala.

Nile College School Kasangati under Yusuf Guloba: Large land with storeyed school buildings on block 121 plot 259 at Mengo Kasangati measuring 0.993 acres.
M/S Muganwa, Nanteza and Co. Advocates
Frank Magala: Mailo land on block 167 plot 175 at Buleba measuring 0.668 hectares. Block 167 plot 162 at Buleba, measuring 1.61 hectares. Block 167 plot 164 at Buleba measuring 2.023.

Julius Katuramu: Land with posh bungalow on block 143 plot 151 at Lube-Wakiso measuring 0.827 hectares.


Knight Frank Uganda
Abdallah Kakooza: Land and 3 floor commercial building on block 3 plot 772 at Makerere-Kibug.

Abdallah Kakooza: Land and storeyed unfinished residential house on block 383 plot 5822 at Kitende, Busiro off Entebbe Road.

Abdu Kalungi Enterprises: Farmland on block 429 plot 298 at Bugiri-Busiro.

Bernard Mutebi: Expansive farmland on block 218 plot 1577 at Najjera Kyadondo.



Beya Auctioneers
Halima Nafuka under Sarah Nekesa: Land and huge residential house on block 312 plot 171 along Mityana Road, measuring 0.082 hectares.

Dennis Muhewbwa: Private Mailo land with semi-complete 3 bedroom residential house on block 462 plot 122 at Maya off Masaka Road, measuring 0.049 hectares.



Perfect Associates Auctioneers

CEDA (U) Limited under Peter Twongyeirwe: Land and residential crib on block 215 plot 2887, Kampala.

Florence Ajok Kibwota: Land and 4 semi-detached self contained residential houses on block 218 plots 1794 and 1795 at Najjera, Ssabaddu Kyadondo.



Great Links Agency
Basoga Muzamiru, Manubhai Muljihai and Jaquivan Virchano Paun: Land and buildings of Hindu Jinja on plot 10 Folio 15 LRV 6338.

Friday Kasibante Nshimye under Augustine Sebutulo: Land on block 161 LRV 1310 Folio 20 plot 69 at Mubende.

Abdul Mayanja Tondo: Land on block 261 plot 942 at Lukuli-Makindye.
Simba Speed Auctioneers
Zigoti Medical Centre Ltd: Land on leasehold register block 26 plot 4 at Kabalungi-Mityana.
Batume General Auctioneers
Arikima Investments Ltd: Six condominium lock-up shops units No. 0117,01180, 0119, 0120, 0122 and 0123 on block 12 block 12 plot No. 22 LRV 3968 at Ovino Market building.
Expeditious Associates
Habib Ngondwe Nyombi: Land at Kakoola Mutungo on LRV 3229 block Folio 25 plot 3792 Kyadondo.


MODAPRT Auctioneers
Vincent Mpagi: Land and plus residential crib on LRV 3734 Folio 25 plot 2-4, Katigongo Lane, Masaka.

Ramathan Seruyange: Land and buildings comprised in LRV 3434 Folio 21 plots 27-31, Jan Mohamed Road, Masaka.
Saidi Ssebuma under Jim Magaba Kyaluzi: Land and commercial building on plot 846 block 253 at Lukuli Makindye measuring 0.259 acres.

Badru Mugabi: Land and developments on FRV 473 Folio 21 plot 177 at Buruli, Masindi, measuring 0.494 acres.



Part Property and Assets Recovery Trust
Gasper Obo Onzima: Land and developments on plot 16 block 1 Volume 3347, Folio 21

Denis Selemba: Motor vehicle Canter Mistubishi UAN 319X
Muramuzi Enterprises and Auctioneers
Nasser Sekandi: Land and houses on block 15 plot 1378 at Nsambya, Kampala.

Nasser Sekandi: Land and Semi-storeyed commercial structure on block 7 plot 949 at Makindye, Kampala.

Edward Mubiru under Robert Mayanja: Land and developments on block 401 plot 883 at Kikusa, Mawanyi-Busiro.

Faisal Kalumba: Land and developments on block 340 plot 197 at Mengo, Busiro.

Richard Simbwa: Land with developments comprised on block 92B plot 931 at Matugga, Wakiso.

Galilee Trading Company under Palvin Hauly Kabunga of Najja: Land on block 167 plot 1245 at Kiwala, Kyadondo.

Yusufu Sekyoya under Saidi Mukasa Lubowa: Land on block 95 plot 9 at Ssabagabo, Mityana.

Juma Sengoma: Land with developments comprised in block 153 plot 36 at Namable, Mityana.


William Muhumuza: Leasehold land with house on Volume 3765 Folio 3 plot 120 block 342-344 at Nabbingo, Wakiso, measuring 0.062 hectares.




Quickway Auctioneers
Hawa Katumba Masagazi, Nasser Musa Kasule and others: Land and developments on block 5 plot 699 at Mulago, measuring 0.06 hecatres.

William Sebuliba Kayongo: Land and developments on block 341 plot 261 at Nakasozi, Buddo, measuring 0.57 hectares. And land on block 337 plot 223 at Mugongo Kyengera measuring 0.31 acres with medium grade bungalow.

Sulaiman Kibalama: Kibanja at Manyangwa measuring 50ft by 50ft.

Jackson Leku: Land and residential house on LRV 2153 Folio 1 plot 43 at Kiwafu Close, Entebbe.


Musatafa Muzamil Ssekajja of Mbarara: Land and storeyed building on leasehold register Volume 3681 Folio 23 plot 5 Mujungu Close, Mbarara Municipality, auctioned by Manquick auctioneers.
Ali Mawa: Prime land on block 225 plot 694 at Buto, Kyadondo, being auctioned by Odens and Wanders Bailiffs.
Frenika General Agencies
Isaka Mpanimanya: Land with Lincoln Grammar School on block 80 plot 10 at Kyadyoko-Kisokoma village near Mabale trading center along Hoima Kagadi Road. Plus a residential bungalow and expansive farmland measuring 5.65 hectares.



Speedway Auctioneers and Property Managers
Leornald Were Buya: Land and double storeyed residential house with residential rentals off Muvule Crescent onto Second Lane, Jinja measuring 0.037 hectares.

Amin Agaba: Land and six double roomed detached rentals on LRV3786 Folio 11 Mudhiri Road in Arua Town, measuring 0.073 hectares.
Ferry and Marks Services
Joseph Mayanja: Land and developments at Kakiri, LC1, Kakiri Town council.


Ruyoka Uganda Ltd
Abdu Agasaki under M/S Olal and Brothers Co. Ltd: Land and property comprised in Leasehold register Folio 7 volume 3851 lot 34 Soroti Road, Lira. Plus Randrover Freelander UAN 966M.

Lawrence Baryongo: Land and buildings comprised in Volume 1778 Folio 5 block 37 plot 24 at Mitooma, Mbarara

Moses Kabuuza Sensarile under Gulberg Investments: Land and buildings on block 271 plot 474 at Kyadondo, Wakiso.


Osuna Associates:
Josephine Namubiru: Land comprised in block 116 plot 2570 at Kyaggwe.


Crown Auctioneers
Enos Kasirabo Mpora and Lydia Mpora Igwee: Land and buildings on block 249 plot 1041 at Bunga, Kyadondo-Kampala.

Enos Kasirabo Mpora and Lydia Mpora Igwee: Land and buildings on block 13 plots 108 and 109 at Igara, Bushenyi.



Mega Auctioneers
Vincent Bagambe: Land and buildings on block 60 plot 85 at Kaburisoke, Kamwenge Town council.

Aloysius Nsenga: Land on block 101 plot 923 at Misindye, Kyaggwe.
Murungi, Kairu and Co. Advocates
David Nyanzi: Undeveloped land on block 301 plot 208 at Temangalo Busiro measuring 0.074 hectares.

Robinah Semakula: Land with residential at Buhimba, Hoima.

Henry Kiiza: Undeveloped land at Hoima.

Paul Ssali: Land with residential house at Nsangi.

Stephan Ssebanakita: Land with developed residential house at Lugazi town.

Enock Rushembwa under Hassan Jita: Land on block 1 plot 58 Nabitakuli-Kiboga measuring 22.26 hectares at Hoima.

Robert Tayebwa: Farmland at Hoima measuring 100 hectares.

Jimmy Kivumbi: Land with residential house at Nansana East Zone One.
Majimoto Auctioneers and Court Bailiffs
Patrick Kutesa: 5 acres of land on Nsangi hills, Bawali zone, Wakiso off Masaka Road.

Robert Mawanda: 1 acre of land on Nsangi hills Bawali Zone, Nsangi.
Koi Auctioneers
Peter Ntale: Kibanja land with residential house at Kikuba-Mpanga Kakiri.

Peter Kabiito under Pesa Link (U) Ltd: Titled Land located in Mutuba-Kitagobwa, Kyadondo.

Resty Nakanjako under Sophia Namatovu: Kibanja in Nabweru South zone, Nansana Town council.



Smart Skills Auctioneers
Rose Namirimu: Land on volume 3520 folio 16 plot 74 at Alex Ssebowa Road.

Sam Mugenyi: Kibanja at Nyendo, Masaka.

Vincent Mpagi: Farmland on block 321 plot 221 at Ndegeya, Masaka.

Andrew Ochole: Land on block 222 plot 1966 at Namugongo.

Gertrude Nimwesiga and Kisekka: Land on block 101 plot 2400 at Misindye and Sonde, Mukono.

Vianney Mukiza: Land on block 101 plot 1117 at Ngelibalya.

George Kirya Owor: Land on block 269, plot 1415 Folio 10 at Kyadondo.

Julius Kyobe: Kibanja at Wampala LC1, Njeru town.

Elijah Kawanguzi: Kibanja at Lugoba Zone, Koba Parish, Buikwe.

James Katetemera Walusimbi: Land on block 530 plot 15C Folio 17 Volume 3720 at Kyaggwe.

Vincent Wamala: Kibanja at Kanjuki LC1 Kayunga.

Rogers Tasobya: Kibanja at Colline Village, Gulu ward.

Sylvia Namwebe: Land on block 522 plot 33 at Gulama, Masaka.

Anne Nalubega: Kibanja with commercial building at Kyenjonjo LC1.

Moses Atella Insenged: Kibanja at Kasiina LC1 Kyenjojo Town council.

Richard Daniel Odong: Kibanja at Kazinga LC1, Bweyogerere.

James Byekwaso: Kibanja at Kiteredde LC1 Masaka.

Odens and Wanders Auctioneers
MOSKAM Contracting Limited: Caterpillar Wheelloader, Model CAT-950F, Chasis No. CAT950F5SK01319.

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