165 MPs Sign Document To Return Anti-Gay Law

Uganda President ; Yoweri Museveni

The number of MPs who have appended signatures for the return of the Anti-Homosexuality law has now reached 165 surpassing the required number of members to raise quorum of 125 members.


On Friday last week, the Constitutional Court nullified the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 on grounds that Parliament passed it without the required quorum.

Parliament chaired by Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga passed the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 on 23rd December 2013.

Kawempe North MP Latif Ssebagala started the collection of signatures on Tuesday afternoon and by that evening had managed to secure 91 MPs signatures out of the required 125. By Wednesday evening, the number of MPs who had signed to bring back debate of the law on the floor of parliament had risen to 165.

Ssebagala noted that after the collection of signatures the signature book will be launched on Tuesday next week and that the MPs are to request the Speaker that when Parliament resumes from recess later this month, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill takes precedence so that Parliament re-pass the bill in the limited time.

Ssebagala adds that after collecting the signatures, they are going to set up a committee to handle legalities and modalities in as far as reconsidering the bill are concerned.

He noted that the committee will be in place by Tuesday next week and that they have already started meetings with Ndorwa West MP David Bahati the mover of the bill and other legal experts to see how they move forward.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati, he noted that the MPs’ action of collecting signatures is making a statement that when the foundation of the nation is destroyed; the people’s representatives cannot stand idly by.

He added that what happened on Friday was an empty victory and that it is going to be rectified.

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill was tabled before Parliament in 2009 as a private member’s bill by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati.

The bill was since condemned by the western world saying that it disregards human rights.

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9 thoughts on “165 MPs Sign Document To Return Anti-Gay Law

  1. Did the President see that the law was passed without the required quorum? What does he observe before signing it into law? It must just be bending down to Donors’ pressure. I remember a say “Westerners must not intimidate us as a sovereign country. Hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! What a country.

  2. Hallo! Uganda need to move away from this debate and prepare for its coming. First of all I believe gay people have a future in Uganda regardless the general attitudes towards them. However each side need to give time to allow process take place that will harmonise both sides. At the moment it is emotionally handed and rushed without getting anywhere. Uganda has been painted as a worst place to live if you are gay but have not taken few points into consideration. If we carry on in court without proper foundation for the sake of pleasing donors we are losing the plot. The so called donors are against it secretly but had to find ways in their structures to allow gay people live normal as rest of people.

    1. Ruth they do not live a normal lifestyle, but a doomed evil and tormented one. Their master the devil is busy recruiting on a daily basis, but it’s not too late, God never wished anyone to perish but to come to repentance……

  3. Go on with parliament debate and I know it will go through again. Anti-gay law. It does not need more debates but to sign against it immediately within one day. Those who went to court they are to lose again. Time wasted.

  4. That`s about right!Ugandan mp`s more obsessed with sex,than the REAL issues affecting Ugandans!Talk about smokescreens!

    1. Homosexuality is not a human right. It is a perverted sex act that spreads disease, confuses children and destroys Societies. I’m really surprised at the Africans who will co-sign this degenerate behavior in their Society. Especially with the way HIV/AIDS destroyed so many in Africa. The disease is strictly the product of homosexual males who push their disgusting behavior on children.


        1. Ignorance more like!!If you read your bible you will see that you are supposed to “love your neighbour,and “thou shall not kill”,something David Bahati should observe ,before trying to bring a bill to kill homosexuals for certain acts!!

      2. No one is “Pushing” homosexuality on children!Are you that ignorant ,that you don`t realise a person is either gay or straight ?A person either fancies someone of the same sex or not,you cant change that through “promotion”!!!

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