20 Injured As DRC Bombs Ugandan Territory

The bomb dropped on Ugandan territory as Congolese government forces launched a sustained one week attack on M23 rebel held bases.

Dozens of people from Bunagana border area are nursing injuries at Mutolere and Kisoro hospitals they sustained after Congolese jets hit areas inside Uganda.

The Congolese jets, which were backed by the UN brigade, fired into Uganda as they were targeting M23 bases in Bunagana on Congolese side of the border.

Mustapha Doka, the Kisoro Resident District Commissioner says some of the injured victims lost their arms and legs.

Doka says they suspect that the Congolese jets accidentally fired into Uganda as they tried to bomb the M23 bases in Bunagana. He says they are working hard to ensure the bomb victims are attended too to save their lives.

Doka also says hundreds of Congolese citizens have crossed the border adding that, they are currently being directed to the Nyakabande reception center.

According to the Uganda Red Cross Society more than 10,000 refugees have entered Kisoro district through Bunagana border posts.

Doka says they have heightened security to ensure that wrong elements don’t masquerade as refugees and sneak into the country with weapons.

The army and police have already increased their presence on the Ugandan side of the border. Olivier Hamuli, the Congolese Military spokesperson says they took over Bunagana town without any serious resistance from the rebels.

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4 thoughts on “20 Injured As DRC Bombs Ugandan Territory

  1. Rebellion has never been good. You can see how it affects the innocent. If there have been massacres as seen in another article, the M23 leadership should be made to answer and get duly rewarded for it.

  2. the M23 power house is crumbling because the drones are watching day and night any movement of supplies from Uganda and Rwanda ….so the 2 brothers in crime have chickened out because of the overwhelming evidence the drone can produce. The UN forces should have blasted the M23 convey before it crosses to Uganda. ICC should demand for him now we know he is in Uganda.

  3. Uganda government must compasate those ugandans who were injured. They must be compasted to the least details. By this I mean that Uganda government must hold DRC responsible. Ugandans cannot continue to be victims of all sorts of stupid politics.

  4. so bad for the injured ones may they recover in short tyme possible m23 are done congs congo

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