Police Quizzes Kim Over Iryn Drug Saga

Promoter, Hakim Ueno Tukwesigye
Promoter, Hakim Ueno Tukwesigye

Promoter, Hakim Ueno Tukwesigye, was on Monday night picked up by Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID) detectives over the on going inquiry into the Iryn Namubiru drug saga.

According to the source, Kim spent the previous night at CPS and was supposed to be transferred to CIID headquarters in Kibuli for further questioning regarding his role in the “Tebiba Bingi” singer’s arrest in japan last month.

The crime squad commander Charkes Kataratambi confirmed to our snoops that Kim was indeed under police custody though he declined to divulge details. we have so far learnt that Kim’s Nateete house was thoroughly searched after he was picked.

Namubiru accuses Kim of being the master mind behind her arrest and detention in Japan for drug possession. In-fact, the singer also confirmed the development on her face book wall on tuesday morning thus: “Yes. THE DRUG LORD KIM TUMWESIGYE WAS ARRESTED LAST NIGHT. I COULD NOT REST;IWANT TO BELIEVE IN OUR JUSTICE IN UGANDA.

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