Bad Black Sent Back To Luzira

Escapee city socialite Shanita Namuyimbwa alias ‘Bad Black’ has been sent back to Luzira prison to serve her four-jail term.

Bad Black
Bad Black

Black was extradited back into the country on Thursday evening from Rwanda Via Katuna border by the Interpol police to face the law.

The Rwandan police arrested her on October 16 at Kigali International airport in liaison on suspicion of being in possession of illicit drugs and money laundering.

Upon reaching the country, she was held briefly at Kira police station during the night of Thursday before being produced before the Constitutional Court on Friday. The registrar of the court, John Erutu cancelled her bail and ordered her return to Luzira prison.

“This court granted you bail and you jumped it and nobody came to explain to court why you did not honor your bail conditions. Even your sureties are wanted by court,” said registrar Erutu while cancelling her bail.

The registrar added: “my duty is very simple, to return you to prison and serve your sentence. Other issues like re-applying for bail, your lawyers will advise you on that.”

Dressed in black top and green faded pants, Black has completely bleached her skin; she is now very brown and looks different from the way she left. it is believed that Black bleached in order to conceal her identity.

Last year, Black was found guilty of embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Development Company, a company owned by her ex white fiancée and sentenced to four jail term.

But being dissatisfied, she appealed against the conviction and the four-year jail term. She later successfully applied to be released on bail to seek medical attention in Dubai. She told court that needed to remove the breast implants or else she risks contracting breast cancer.

She was represented in court by her former lawyer Caleb Alaka and Alfred Okello Oryem.

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    1. just a slut who brought David a wantd man internationaly by Interpol. shame on ha & ha followers

  1. she has undergone total overhaul. looks more beautiful though, hope she can sustain the looks…

  2. y didn’t change in everything identity no communication but since u like every one to know u,do what u wish how ever pain it is

  3. over 100 cows have disappeared in a UPDF farm in katonga after a stock taking exercise by the board members. clue points to the Md of NEC,who has continuously depleted the farm for his personal gain. pliz before run after bad black follow up this matter.

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