Weasel Carries Baby In Laundry Basket

For quite some time, rumours were making rounds that singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel is broke, but there was little or no evidence to the claim.


However, we were shocked recently on his son’s birthday, when a picture emerged online of the baby being kept in a laundry basket.

At first sight, one would think maybe it’s the baby’s playful antics that landed him in the basket, but Dylan is just one year old; he can’t climb and land into it.

Our snoops have however decoded the whole issue and found out that actually Weasel uses this green laundry basket as a baby walker.

A walker is a light frame on casters or wheels to help a baby learn how to walk, or move around.

Unfortunately for the ‘wiggle wiggle’ singer, he couldn’t raise the 150k or 200k for the real walker…Oh poor Weasel.

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