230 Ugandans Infected With HIV Every Day

230 Ugandans Infected With HIV Every Day

The HIV prevalence rate in Uganda has shot up with the latest figures indicating that about 50 girls are infected with the virus every day.

“The HIV situation in Uganda calls for renewed urgent action,’ declared the UNAIDS country director Ama Sande.

According to statistics, in 2015 alone 83,000 new HIV infections were registered. Thousands more cases are never registered by the health workers.

The HIV prevalence rate in Uganda shot up from 7.1% to 7.3% but the situation is more alarming amongst the young adolescents aged between 15-24 years. In this group the HIV prevalence is 9.1%

This means that in every 100 Ugandans you meet on the streets, 7 of them have HIV. It also means that in every 100 Ugandans aged between 15-24, nine have the HIV virus.

UNAIDS experts attribute the high HIV rates to early marriages, poverty, domestic violence, cultural attitudes and of course increased sexual activity in society.

‘There is too much free lance sex in Uganda, everyone is looking to have sex all the time, this is dangerous,’ one Ugandan commented on Facebook.

Uganda now is ranked second to South Africa in HIV prevalence. In South Africa an estimated 2,363 young people get infected with HIV weekly. Uganda registers 230 HIV infections every day meaning the weekly rate of infection is 1,610.

In Kenya the weekly infection rate is 468 while in Tanzania its at 491. Rwanda is at 25 and Burundi registers only 2 infections per week.

If the rate of infections is anything to go by then Uganda ranks as the most sexually promiscuous country in East Africa.

Seventy six Ugandans die of HIV related illnesses every day.

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