Airtel Joins The Fight Against Fistula.


Airtel Uganda launched their new partnership with the Kabaka Foundation.  Together with the Kabaka Foundation they hope to help and change the lives of Fistula victims in Uganda.

In Uganda, 2% of women of reproductive age said to have experienced fistula.
In Uganda, 2% of women of reproductive age said to have experienced fistula.

Only 42 percent of births in Uganda are overseen by a medical professional and this has resulted in between 50-100,000 people being affected on a yearly basis in the sun-Saharan region. This disease is becoming a huge epidemic seeing as in Africa and Asia there are more than two million people living with fistula. The highest are here in Uganda affected by Fistula are Masaka, Igandan, Soroti and Kagando. This is plight is one that Airtel has decided to tackle to build a better and healthier Uganda, with the help of Buganda Kingdom.

Speaking at the occasion, Airtel Money director Mr. Nuhu Kanyike said “It is part of our social responsibility to look into the needs of society and address them as best we can, in whatever way we are able. Today, we are responding to a call by the Kabaka Foundation to donate monies and help change the lives of though battling Fistula in Buganda.”

The Kabaka Foundation and Airtel’s partnership is aimed at encouraging Ugandans to meet their responsibilities as good citizens and to be active participants in society, most especially in those activities of a humanitarian and social nature.

The campaign was concluded with a presentation of a cheque of one hundred million Ugandan shillings to the foundation which was received by Buganda’s sports and recreation minister Mr. Henry Ssekabembe and concluded with a unique photo opportunity

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