Ali Advances To Legally view Namutebi’s Eclipse

Ali Alibhai, the CEO Talent Africa has taken a step further from illegal bonking after visiting the home of Sylvia Namutebi, his bonkmate.


The two got engaged three weeks ago and seemingly, they are out of patience to make their conjugal sessions official.

On Wednesday, Namutebi posted photos of herself with Ali at her father’s home, captioned “my fiancée officially visits my father’s home to ask for my hand in marriage.”

Apparently, they are planning on an introduction very soon.


However, snoops realized that while Ali was visiting, he turned the whole event into a photoshoot since he was snapping picture after picture of his wife to-be.

It should be noted that the two have been close to each other for a long time until they came out recently to confirm their relationship in various interviews.


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