Athletics Sexual Assaulting Coach A Kenyan Sorcerer

Coach Peter Wemali is allegedly Kenyan and born in Kakamega. Photo: Monitor

Coach Peter Wemali  is allegedly Kenyan and born in Kakamega. Photo: Monitor
Coach Peter Wemali is allegedly Kenyan and born in Kakamega.

The Kenyan born athletics coach at centre of the sexual harassment scandal that has rocked Uganda athletics that has even attracted the attention of a Parliament was a sorcerer initially.

Coach Peter Wemali born in Kakamega was recruited by Uganda Police as an athletics coach physically abused junior female athletes during a training camp in Bukwo in preparation for the March 16 Africa Cross-country Championships in which Uganda the host performed disastrously.

Wemali has been persuading young female runners to get pregnant and abort at three months so they can run better.
The well built Kenyan in his early 40s according to investigations carried out by a local daily claimed he possessed super natural powers and people believed in him in the late 1990s when he crossed into Uganda. People started consulting him whenever they had troubles.

Rotich Simba, the Sebei Region Athletics Association boss confirmed the allegations.

We don’t know how he got into coaching,” Simba, credited for sponsoring several athletes in Sebei, says. Due to the absence of trained coaches in the region, Wemali slowly started training athletes albeit without papers.

Wemali ‘married’ Grace Chesang, one of the top national female athletes at the time in early 2000s, hide her in Kenya and left her after they had had two kids.

He is also said to have ‘married’ yet another young athlete from Sebei College whom he had been hired to coach but the coach-student relationship resulting into a pregnancy after a few months.

The athletics federation on Monday announced they had suspended the coach and named a committee to carry out investigations.

The Education and Sports Ministry is also in the final stages of their investigations while police sent detectives to Kapchorwa about a week ago.

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  1. How does Uganda recruit people to train national representatives without even appraising them? Imagine the man is not even a professional sports man, then how on earth can he have qualified to train Ugandan athletes. This should serve as an eye opener, methods of procuring inputs should be upheld at all times. Competitive bidding where candidates submit their bids or (CVs) should be evaluated by a competent Procurement Committee before feeling a vacancy.

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