Ayivu Chiefdom woes blamed on politicians

By Andrew Cohen Amvesi            

ARUA. The continuing wrangle over the position of the Chief of Ayivu people in Ayivu Division, Arua City has been blamed on politicians.

During a meeting organized by Mike Agondoa, the sitting Chief of Ayivu on Sunday, locals raised a red flag on the politicians in the area, saying they are the ones dividing the people of Ayivu.

The locals claim that politicians have so far appointed their own Chiefs with the aim of weakening Agondoa’s administration for their own interest.


Levi Adroa, one of the locals said two people namely Edward Aderibo and Manasseh Yuma have been appointed by politicians to represent themselves as the true Chiefs of Ayivu contrary to the will of the people.

He added that Nahori Oya, the former Arua RDC is also being convinced by the same people to declare himself as another Chief of the people of Ayivu.

“In 2011, the people of Ayivu called you from South Sudan to come and lead them and all along things have been okay under your administration, but the problem now is these politicians. We are watching them keenly right now. Elections are coming, so I want people to use

the opportunity in 2026 to elect leaders who can’t insult their Chief,” Levi told Agondoa.

But he also reminded Agondoa about the good things he used to do for the people of Ayivu which he is not doing now.

“There are things you used to do for the people of Ayivu which I want you to start doing again. I am very sure if you start fighting to protect the land of the people of Ayivu, they will be happy for you. The Chief should first fight to safeguard the land of his people because the Chiefdom sits on land. Let us get organized so that Ayivu takes the leadership of Lugbara Kari and once we do this, the politicians will run away,” Levi advised.

Isah Afeku Kato, the former Arua Municipality Mayor also a born of Ayivu advised Agondoa to consider bringing unity among the people of Ayivu.


“If people are fighting somewhere, go and help them. Focus on creating unity among people. Revive your former good deeds for the people of Ayivu and trust me, they will support you like before,” Kato said.

In his remarks, Agondoa acknowledged the fight minted on him by politicians whom he asked to keep off cultural affairs.

“Yes, politicians have resorted to appointing their own Chiefs without following the cultural norms. But I’m advising them to leave politics out of cultural issues. Not all politicians but some few ones are causing confusion in Ayivu. Arua has now become a city and if we are not careful, they will cause more confusion among us, the people of Ayivu,” Agondoa said.

Agondoa also appealed to his subjects to cooperate with the ruling government under the able leadership of President Yoweri Museveni in order to benefit from the different government programs.

“Uniting with the government isn’t bad because it will be beneficial to the Chiefdom. Through the government we can benefit a lot when it comes to the development of Ayivu Chiefdom. For the last 36 years, no one has gone into exile just because of the peace brought by President Museveni, so let us use this peace to develop ourselves other than fighting each other,” Agondoa advised.


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