Babe claims Coggon Fathered her kid

Late Coggon whom the Babe claims to be the father of her kid.

Brenda Adyro a Ugandan babe living in Greece has come out to claim that late Derrick Caggon, the slain 4Turkeys’s boss is the father of her child.

According to sources close to Brenda, she states that the UN ex-service man who was gunned down by yet to be identified assailants on March 9, 2013 had impregnated her shortly before she left for Greece only to hear of his demise.

“Brenda has concrete evidence and wants the late Coggon’s family to provide for the baby.” intimates the source.

However, many are wondering why she had to wait close to four months to come out.The4turkeys boss was shot four times at his gate in the chest and neck in Lunyo Entebbe. Police arrested his Congolese wife Fina Masika, his guard Okot Alphonse and Masika’s new lover Paul Ssentongo in connection to the murder as investigations proceeded.

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