Bad Black during her party days

Bad Black (in blue gomesi) in court with Halima Namakula yesterday

Jail humbled city socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa a.k.a Bad Black yesterday sweated plasma in Court after the judge blasted her that she lost her purity the day she was convicted for 4 years in jail over embezzlement and conspiracy to defraud on July 11, 2012.

Bad Black was quick to apply to the Court of Appeal after she claimed to have developed complications with her breasts implants and wanted to seek specialized treatment from Dubai where the surgery took place in 2009.

Her  laments are contained in an affidavit she swore in Luzira prison with instructions to her lawyers, Kius Henry and Timothy Kakembo of NORIA  Company Advocates, to appeal against both the conviction and sentence passed by the Anti-Corruption Court.

She says that prior to her incarceration at Luzira she had received breast implants in Dubai. But while in prison she developed serious complications in the breasts that require additional surgery to either remove or replace them.

She also claims that the medical facilities in Mulago Hospital cannot adequately accommodate her unusual and ailing health status which requires specialized treatment out of the prison precinct.

However, the State Attorney, Babra Mwesige, vehemently objected Black’s appeal saying that she was likely to abscond from jurisdiction basing on her past life and basing on the fact that Bad Black is still battling a hit-and-run case at City House and also the fact that she was a prostitute and therefore has no clean record to be granted bail.

Her affidavit further reads that her case is liable for bail by Court and she was once granted bail by High Court and didn’t abscond from jurisdiction.

But the Judge was not content with Black’s evidence saying that she would want to see the report by Dr. Andama Joseph of Mulago Hospital recommending Black for further treatment. However, during the proceedings, it emerged that there is a Breast Clinic in Mulago referral hospital which can carry out the operation.

“I have to be sure whether you’re sick or not, by the way I don’t even see the hospital you are going to in Dubai. It’s not written anywhere. Remember you are no longer innocent you are criminal,” the Judge said. She cried when the Judge threatened to adjourn the matter because there wasn’t substantial evidence which can allow her to leave jail.

“That place is easy to get there but leaving is too hard. That’s why I have to know where you’re going and where in case you disappear, the State has grounds to look for you,” the Judge assured Black.

Black however pleaded with the Judge that her silicon breasts must be assessed in time to avoid breast cancer and implant leakage, which managed to attract the Judge’s sympathy who issued summons to Dr. Andama.

Drama unfolded when the doctor told Court that when he touched Black’s breasts he noticed that she has a cosmetic inside the breasts.  “When I touched I felt a silicone cosmetic that makes the breast stand up right like someone who has never breast fed,” Andama said.

Court will decide on Friday whether she may be granted bail.

Reported By Nicholas Mwesigwa

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15 thoughts on “Bad Black’s Woes

  1. that woman the judge sd have mercy for the gal it was her lovers money ,mbabazi is free and the ps wiz public coins while bb is sweating.plz judge this is not corr it was a free will money from the lover who trusted black only that she turned bad

    1. Well, (@ Sheifah) she deserves the treatment just like any other human being BUT does stealing from your lover makes you a lesser thief?

  2. I need to understand something about Ugandan law. In Uganda people have swindled more public amounts of money and there’s evidence, but they are free, someone who swindled her lover’s money is in jail!!!! iiiii is this justice?
    Secondly are there human rights in Uganda? If the doctor confirmed she requires medical attention, it’s her right to be treated unless she was condemned to death. Atleast let her get medical attention inside the prison. They can remove the silicone whatever from her breasts since she’s not in “business” but she has a right to live, like other freely living thieves.

  3. she brought alot of money(foreign ex) in the country, she didnt deserve jail in the first place for the white guyb chose a wrong person to do biz with, she should WALK FREE.

  4. The law s’dnt only be academic.Bail s’d be granted first,then stringent conditions set last.Black has proved exceptional circumstances.She s’dnt be held hostage by state attorney submissions.Its the constitutional duty of the police on warrant to look for her world wide in case she jumps bail.

    1. This gentleman is a legal brain.Thats exactly what the judge did.Martin if you are a lawyer contact me on 0774307270.

  5. I feel for bad black!! If people who swindling large amount of money that is meant to help the poor and less privileged are left to walk freely. Including the first family then why should bad black be imprisoned like she committed murder.

    Re-think judge!!

  6. I supposed all upright ugandans can siimpathize with Black. But then we should be able to learn from her mistakes. first of all, her desire to live a non natural life style is threatening her life, her implants are germinating now, she needs to take care of that. In her heart I hope she regretful for her ‘dids’.

  7. Hmm! Kyoka Ugandan galz mwagala ebya bwerere let bad black be jailed as an example to other ugandan girls who want free things namwe bajabasiba!

  8. quite sad for her , but a lesson to all who think that free things are free in this world, I pray that she has learnt her lesson and once granted bail she will become a better person than she was, instead of re- doing her past. May Allah give her the strength to totally reform and be a better citizen and MOTHER to her offspring.

  9. Thanks for all your comments but why does the law apply to some Ugandans and not others. Vince, even if you leave a taxi without paying the fare you are a thief so she’s not a less thief.
    There was a story of a woman who stole abt 900m from her Ugandan husband who worked with I think NFA, where is she now??? FREE. BTW I hear it was too little compared to what she left.
    If all thieves are to be imprisoned, then let it be ALL thieves not some, regardless of where they steal from. Ofcourse from her experience she should turn to God and leave her wicked ways, just like her colleagues (The thieves) and many of us. But she needs to be alive to live a Godly life.

  10. Bad Black is a human being and she deserves Human rights as any other person,so allow her access MEDICAL care first and others ‘ll follow. “You can judge a living person but not the dead”

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