Bad State Of Kikyusa-Zirobwe Roads Frustrating Businesses in Greater Luwero

Part of the Poor Kikyusa -Zirobwe Road Hampering Development


Residents and the Business Communityin greater Luwero have decried the poor state of Kikyusa-Zirobwe road saying it has continuously hiked the cost of transport and affected economic development in the area.

The routes are mainly used to transport agricultural produce, especially by sugarcane trucks from Eastern Uganda to greater Luwero. It also connects Kayunga, Mukono to Luwero.

Part of the Poor Kikyusa -Zirobwe Road Hampering Development

Moses Kiwanuka , a truck driver and trader in Kasana says he has failed to deliver his goods to the market in Mukono and Kampala, adding that they have resorted to selling their produce to middlemen cheaply because of the poor state of the road.

“Road users have to spend a lot of time negotiating through the gullies on most of the roads. The bad roads have greatly affected the transportation of agricultural produce to different markets,” he said.

Other truck drivers say cars break-down several times and they find it difficult to get a mechanic to the area for days with many avoiding the road network.

Part of the Poor Kikyusa -Zirobwe Road Hampering Development

Habib Kasinga, sugarcane out grower from busoga who uses the road says whenever it rains they are in trouble because they get stuck for almost days a week before finally making it to the factories.

“At times, we incur the cost of offloading all our goods from the truck in case it gets stuck and it costs a lot loading it back into the truck. Besides, we might be feeding the drivers for all the days we shall spend stuck there.”

Some road users say the onset of rains is already worrying both the community and business persons who solely depend on agriculture production for survival.

Part of the Poor Kikyusa -Zirobwe Road Hampering Development

It should be noted that factories are mushrooming in greater Luwero including the already operating Victoria Sugar, however their development is threatened by the poor roads.

When contacted, Erustus Kibirango, the Luwero District Chairperson acknowledged the poor state of roads and assured that they will be worked on to improve services.

‘’It’s true the road is in poor condition and many others in the District. However, we have teamed up with the UNRA local office to solve the matter and I assure you the road will be worked on. Our graders have also been nonfunctional which hindered the progress in revamping roads ‘’,

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