Barya Varsity Opens Doors For Jua-Kali Practitioners

Prof Barya


UGANDA TECHNOLOGY & Management University (UTAMU), which ex-Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof Venansius Baryamureeba opened up recently, has cast out its net even wider.

Besides the over 437 students it has so far attracted, the Twed Plaza-based institution has also introduced courses targeting highly skilled Ugandans who are good at what they do but have no formal training or skilling. These make up Uganda’s informal sector and they are famously known as jua-kali. They excel in metal works, carpentry, metal fabrication, vehicle and electronics engineering etc.

They mostly operate in Katwe and other places. Baryamureeba told a press conference that they would undergo some re-tooling programme for threesix months after which certificates will be issued to them. Baryamureeba says this certification of their qualifications will open them up to compete beyond Uganda’s borders.

After this certificate, which will be in the names of Amite University of India to which UTAMU is affiliated, the Jua-Kali practitioners will be free to enroll for even Diploma which is one year. He said to make it appealing and attractive; the training would be conducted in local languages like Luo, Runyakitara, Luganda and others.

“This is done all over the world. In China, they train in local languages and they have the best trained personnel. In Germany and France they do the same thing,” said Baryamureeba who maintains his UTAMU is here to set unprecedented standards.

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44 thoughts on “Barya Varsity Opens Doors For Jua-Kali Practitioners

  1. Wonderful Barya,
    We badly need to have skilled persons irrespective of what they do. The initial belief that skills are got only through english must go

  2. I never like people from western-Uganda coz i see them as thief’s & corrupt but dis time prof, bryamureeba i salute u with all mi 2 hands. god bless u

    1. i dont expect people like Gustavo to begin preaching that message of hatred, tribalism at a time when Uganda is celebrating fifty years of independence.

  3. See how good it was for you to leave Makerere? We would have missed this had you glued yourself there. Makes me think even M7 may do good things if he left the presidency…….

  4. It is hard to kill a good spirit. Those who fought hard to expunge Prof barya from MUK thought they had killed his spirit but now he lives unencumbered to fulfil his dreams. God bless your efforts and brilliant ideas Prof.

  5. Barya is a man and a half. He is creative and can make anything out of nothing. He uses his head and brain very well. We need more 10 Baryas in Uganda, i tell you Uganda will change.

  6. wonderful Idea Barya. MAk did good to sack you see how far you have come.

  7. Good man; God’s true people do with co-creation.Barya, that’s a good slap to those old and bureaucratic and conservative grey haired professors who smocked you out MUK coz of jealousy.I like such fighters!!!!

  8. This is what Uganda needs to develop.
    Men of equal intellect but with he ability to harness all available resources.
    Way to go Professor.
    Let others take a leaf and follow your example – Uganda shall be ahead in the next decade.

  9. How come he did not introduce such ideas when he was at makerere? People just don’t seem to think when they are working in government entities , but when their butts are kicked they think out of the box. What he did in makerere is to steal hard earned money of the private student. Now that the money is not chasing you in the world, it’s time for you to face the music.

  10. I support Barya on this one though he go so excited that he forgot political partronage and academic exellenceare mutually exclusive. I only hope he has practicals labs for jua kalis

  11. Please prof Barya,show the government that it is still sleeping. extend this service to mbale

  12. Prof. Barya, this is a great initiative. It is really meaningless for someone to come out of the university with no skill to apply practically. I see many with masters, phd, etc but who then look for jobs instead of creating one. Formalizing the activities of these jua kari boys and girls will really create a new fundamental direction in Ugandan education. Thank u and so happy

  13. Sorry Proffessor but I am not impressed….!!!!
    Universities have never been products of egocentric persuits…!!! Intelligent people dont just jump out of the blue and and start universities simply because they were not elected for the post of a vice-chancellor…!!!

    Especially if your very personality has been marred in allegations of immoral conduct….!!! In the world of academia, proffessors dont only excel in books, but they are perceived as role-models all around….!!! Barya is blessed that he is still young, his rejection for the VC post was the best opportunity for him to to re-invent himself and proove to the world that he is a reputable proffessor worthy of his academic credentials. But as of now I perceive the so called “UTAMU University” as a product of frustration and mere opportunism.

  14. Well done Prof. Barya……………I missed studying under your leadership when I was a student at makerere because I greatly admire your vision.

  15. Barya
    Act like Jesus, no hatred, no tribalism, no nepotism, you know what Ugandans need to develop Uganda. It is not about how rich you are but how rich Ugandans are. Impating skills and knowledge into the category you have identified will definitely push us miles forwad
    Your exit from MUK was God arranged. Do not think of revence or hatred. We must move forward.

  16. We still wanted Prof. Barya at Makerere. People have different goals, good or bad. This man was ejected from Makerere when it still wanted him. He may have financial scandles but they are not proven. They were manufactured to see him off Makerere. It is good you have shown that professors can employ themselves and others of their like. Move on, i support you.

  17. Prof Barya that is surely great. The Govt has been sleeping and it’s high time they realized the education system that was left behind by the colonial masters has to change. The education system that was introduced in Africa by the Imperialists was a way to keep us as ‘Job Hunters’ in their factories, mines & Govt offices not for us to make anything for ourselves. That’s the reason why a person graduates in Mechanical engineering but cant even fabricate a needle while these so called Jua-Kalis can repair a car’s engine in minutes.
    I remember while in our recess term at Makerere we were taught how to fabricate nuts but there are some pple who still think a nut has to come from Japan or Europe. Way to go Barya. Just do yo thing. Haters will alwz be there. There are a million out there who support u. If i was still studying i would have perhaps come to UTAMU for some skills. Who knows i might come there as well.

  18. Please also introduce leadership certificates and other qualifications based on ones achievements. I know a gay who has started two primary schools and he is managing them very well and they are best in this region yet he finished Primary Seven what qualification can this person be given.

  19. The reason Barya was kicked out of Makerere is because he is dynamic and focused. The old bureaucrats want to benefit from delays of transcripts and earn money they don’t work for because of absenteeism and late reporting at work. Be informed that Barya is one that started the best built makerere faculty CIT from grass despite his age. I remember how they fought you when you were putting up the building no 1 of CIT. The old guys wanted to eat money for one floor and you refused. They called you “this ka young boy”. But you left a legacy at CIT. We know that the rape case was a hoax.The vision killers can’t kill you! Fly boy

  20. This is an excellent strategy.We have inherited a bogus mentality where we only think academic excellence is all that matters!Skills and academic achievement are vital in the betterment of society technically.Prof Barya deserves a pat on the back for this vision.Talent and skill are in born traits which are developed more by academic principles and practice and this seems to be the direction the Prof is persuing.Do your thing Barya and just dont be deterred by skeptics!

  21. I have recently started a site, the info you provide on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

  22. well done prof barya……….leave the university of jealous people and expired brain, i admire u big time

  23. That’s the way to go Proff. Imagine there is a fear that when building the oil refinery starts, Ugandan, may not not be employed for jobs like welding because our welders are not certified. Welders had to be sourced form India and other far east countries for the hydro plant in Buseruka, Hoima. Re-tooling our Jua-kali people will give our welders, carpenters, plumbers etc an opportunity to compete favourably for jobs in building the refinery.

  24. GO GO…………………GO…………………..


    Haven’t they developed?

  25. This is very good if its from his heart driven by intergrity ,because he may be in need of money and he wants to still more from those those he calls jua-kali , a point of information EMMA somali is not a neighbour but an african country there pana africanism

  26. Prof. Barya through UTAMU will influence the education sector in Uganda. He is too fast for the ordinary Ugandan. So having his own space at UTAMU to think and innovate is the best thing that could have happened to Uganda. I wish you God’s blessings.

  27. well done prof.barya. show the world and all ugandans that you are the castodian of knowledge.

  28. Government should support Barya in this endeavor that is aimed at skilling Ugandans.
    Way to go.

  29. I am impressed. I want to join UTAMU and be part of this revolution.
    Ugandans need skills.

  30. We need more of Barya’s in this country. if we 100 Barya’s in different sectors, Uganda woud be different.

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