BBA Hotshots: Uganda’s Ellah Bonked

Uganda’s Ellah has officially written her names in the Big Brother Africa books alongside the likes of the great Gaetano Kaggwa after she tactfully surrendered her bearded meat to Tanzania’s Idris under the sheets.


Ellah who is notorious for flirting with male housemates couldnot handle the itch and urge for her love station to be docked thoroughly.

Idris couldnot miss the glorious chance when the opportunity presented itself to him he moved his waist up and down as Ellah moaned of sweetness, during the whole session as Sheila watched them as they performed the act while she was hiding.

When Sheila confronted Ellah the next day in isolation she denied but when the earlier insisted with evidence she accepted that she had actually done the sweet act by saying that it was awesome said that they were 15 minutes of ecstasy.

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