Blogger Highlights Ridiculous Govt Expenditure

Blogger Highlights Ridiculous Govt Expenditure

In a series of tweets a Ugandan blogger has summarized the absurdity of Government expenditure of tax payer money.

Fred Tumusiime, a water engineer and who refers to himself an independent consultant with the World Bank and who tweets regularly on the micro blogging site twitter capture the ridiculous nature of how government splashes the cash.

‘Tourism is Uganda’s Highest Forex earner. The Tourism Board gets less money (11bn) than our embassy in New York (14bn) This is ridiculous.” 

The tweets were posted on Sunday and quickly went viral and have been shared numerous times on social media.

Below is the entire thread:

How Government of Uganda budgets and spends our taxes is public info. The 2016/17 allocations/expenditures make for interesting insight. A few highlights..

  1. Lokodo’s bogus Ethics Ministry gets more money (5.5bn) than the Coffee Development Organisation (2bn) and Virus Research Institute (1.7bn).
  2. With HIV/AIDS still a problem, the AIDS Commission gets less funding (7bn) than the Animal Genetics Research Data Bank (12bn). Animals win.
  3. Uganda’s 35 foreign missions receive as much money (148bn) as KCCA (150bn). Kampala accounts for 65% of GDP. How much do embassies bring in?
  4. State House has a bigger budget (257bn) than the 7 largest Universities combined. MUK, Mbarara, MUBS, Kyambogo, UMI, Kabale & Soroti: 250bn.
  5. The Export Promotion Board receives 3.7bn; Bureau of Standards 14bn; Cancer and Heart Institutes 25bn.. Peanuts compared to Police (527bn).
  6. Uganda has the highest number of mentally ill people in Africa. Butabika has a budget of 11bn. Office of the President gets 115bn. Madness.
  7. The budget of 20 trillion seems impressive. 10% of that goes into servicing our debt. Broke local governments consume 2.5 trillion. 


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