Bobkins Balloons Second Wife


By Our Reporter 

KIBO Media boss Bobkins Kibirije is over the moon after ballooning her second wife Farha Adams.

Farha Adams has been pictured for the first time since being ballooned – and where better to make that photo shoot than at Fabkins Palace? Shortly after confirming the pregnancy on social media, the couple has been frequenting antenatal clinics in Kampala.

In the twist of events, Bobkins’ first wife Viola Kaara has been put on suicide watch ever since Adams got pregnant.

“She is so saddened by the news that Adams is pregnant. Bob is no longer there for her, he is now giving Adams too much time and this has made her life miserable,” Viola’s friend confirmed to our snoop.

Red Pepper understands that Bobkins separated with Viola Kaara in 2013 and settled down with a much younger and sex oozing Farha Adams.


Ever since their separation, Viola has been doing all that it takes to again win the heart of Bobkins but Adam’s lovely tactics and romance has forced the KIBO media boss never to look behind.

Our snoops have further confirmed that Viola’s failure to get back Bobkins has turned her into a booze hero.

“She has now found solace in booze since she drinks every day to forget the joyous moments she had with Bobkins,” confirmed the so

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