Bodaboda Accidents Cost Gov,t 2bn – Study

A new study has revealed that it costs government up to Shs1.5 billion annually in treating injuries resulting from motorcycle or boda boda accidents.

The study shows that the average cost of maintaining a road traffic accident patient in a ward is Shs56, 740 per day.

At Mulago hospital, the cost attributed to boda boda injuries took 15 per cent of the Shs10 billion allocated to the hospital in the Financial Year 2008/2009. Nearly 2,000 people die due to road traffic accidents in Uganda every year with boda boda accidents contributing up to 75 per cent of all trauma caused by road traffic accidents. The lead researcher and executive director of the China-Uganda Friendship Hospital, Dr Edward Naddumba, said injuries from road traffic accidents have reached epidemic proportions with significant economic impact. Dr Naddumaba said a reduction in the number of trauma cases seen at Mulago hospital most of which are from boda bodas will free up space for the hospital to attend to other pressing matters.

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