Brian Mulondo Quits NTV MinBuzz

Brian and Anne at the Minibuzz show

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NTV Minbuzz host Brian Mulondo has thrown in a towel. This comes days after rumors  from the Serena based NTV indicated that his co-host Anne Kansiime also left the station.

Brian and Anne at the Minibuzz show
Brian and Anne at the Minibuzz show

He broke the news of resigning from his job today morning via his official Facebook page and this is what he said;

Hello people,


I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with Minibuzz for the past three years every day and wow, what a thrill it has been gracing your televisions every day of the week.

I have met so many individuals, very interesting but also inspiring ordinary Ugandans in the bus. Every morning has been a moment of inspiration for me.

But like the Baganda say, nazina obulungi ava mu ddiro literally translated as ‘even the best dancer leaves the dance floor’, so have I decided to leave the Minibuzz show.

Now there’s been a lot of media reports and speculation from many people that Anne and I were fired from NTV.

I would like to categorically state that this is not true. I personally decided to leave the show so that I could have more time to work on moving to another level in my personal and professional life.

I want to thank you so very much for supporting me, encouraging me, laughing for and at me, celebrating with me, and of course loving every show I have had the priviledge of hosting since Better Living, Goal of Goals, Trickstars, Kyakabi, Bifuna Kilalu (Gangnam Style). You might be asking, what next? Well, watch this SPACE!

I wish the team at Minibuzz much success in all their endeavors. 

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6 thoughts on “Brian Mulondo Quits NTV MinBuzz

  1. Why are good staff and presenters living NTV ? Nameere, Kacungira, Brian,Anna Kansiime etc. There must be something wrong at NTV. The viewers are disappointed.

    1. Kenyan managers @NTV are slave drivers, they hate Ugandans and will not hesitate to employ their countrymen in a heart beat. Soon we will have kenyan presenters for all those programs..

  2. there must be something terribly wrong in there.Joe Munene was a master indeed.Leaders are born not made

  3. I just hate Kenyans and Indians they always want to keep their employees like captives do any thing they want, shout, bark among other assaults. How I hate this so called government that never protects its people while others are working under hard conditions all is the name of investors while we the citizens are suffering but one day at least we shall be liberated from all these horrible employers and government. I mention you again Indians and Kenyans. The next day we shall see Kenyans on the programs. God save us!

    1. go open your own TV station and employ Ugandans,but before that just shut up.Hate is such a big word!and did you say God at the end?no wonder he isnt listening to you,coz you HATE!!

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