Buchaman asks Bobi for forgiveness

Bucha man wants back

Bucha man wants back
Bucha man wants back

After separating with his boss, the former vice president of the ghetto republic Buchaman now wants to go back to the Kamwokya camp.

In 2011, Buchaman shocked Ugandans by revealing he was leaving Fire Base Crew, citing exploitation by his leader. Buchaman claims to have fought Bobi’s wars both Musically and physically.

“He’s not willing to bring him back because the separation two years ago was messy”, says one insider.

At one event, Buchaman praised Bebe Cool for having a good heart and caring for the needy. To diss Bobi Wine further, Bebe did a live rendition of his Ntuyo Zange for the disabled singer.

Buchaman went ahead and recorded a song attacking his former boss, Kyagulasada, on top of his controversial move to appear alongside Bebe Cool at the Battle of Champions concert last year.

Meanwhile Buchaman’s fate is in Bobi’s hands because he has not yet decided. Watch this space.

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