Buganda Kingdom: Katikkiro Mayiga Will Visit Buruuli Chiefdom

File Photo; Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya arriving at Coronation anniversary last year

Buganda Kingdom has written to Buruuli chiefdom about an impending visit by the Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga.

File Photo; Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya arriving at Coronation anniversary last year
File Photo; Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya arriving at Coronation anniversary last year

Buruuli subjects had, in a resolution passed on January 16, declared protests against the visit on grounds that Buganda had refused to notify the Chiefdom’s Cultural Leader Isabaruuli Mwogezi Butamanya of the plan to visit his area.

They equally accused Buganda of disrespect and provocation.

It’s on the basis of the controversy that a letter signed by the Chairperson of Buganda Kingdom Reconstruction Committee John Fred Kiyimba Freeman has been sent to the chiefdom.

However, the letter dated Thursday 22nd January 2015 doesn’t address Isabaruuli as the Cultural Leader of Buruuli Chiefdom but as Ssalongo Mwogezi Butamanya of Nakasongola.

In the Letter, written in the native Luganda dialect, Kiyimba informs Ssalongo Mwogezi Butamanya, of an impending visit intended to fundraise resources in a drive locally known as ‘Etofaali’.

He also invites him to join the committee in welcoming the Katikkiro to Buruuli on 4th February, 2015 and thanks him for his efforts in the restoration of Buganda’s glory.

The letter adds that the Katikkiro will be visiting the areas of Kakooge, Kalungi, Lwampanga, Wabinyonyi, Nabiswera, Lwabyata Sub County and Nakasongola town council among others.

It is copied to the Resident District Commissioner Swahib Lubega Waggwa and LC 5 Chairman James Wandira Muruli.

Buganda has also written to Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura notifying him about the visit and asking for security.

Buganda’s Representative in Buruuli county Kimbugwe Gerald Kyanjo confirmed that the letters were written and he was delivering copies to all concerned officials.

However there is skepticism that Buruuli Chiefdom will accept the notification and call off the protests.

Patrick Lubega Mucwa the Principal Private Secretary to Isabaruuli says the letter is yet to reach them although he claims that people who have seen it, have indicated that it breached protocol. Lubega says the Chiefdom will sit and discuss the matter.

Denis Muyomba an official of Buruuli chiefdom Steering Committee says that it’s an insult for the chairperson of a committee to allege that Isabaruuli has done good job to restore Buganda glory.

He emphasize that Isabaruuli has a mandate to promote Buruuli values not restore Buganda glory.

The Nakasongola Resident Commissioner Swahib Lubega and Savannah Regional Police Spokesperson Lameck Kigozi asked for time to comment on the letter.


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